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There is not as much to deal with in this story compared to my other stories, but I'll go over some guideline to help out writers. There are also a few actual rules.


These are the rules, abide by them.

  • As with all stories on this site, follow the Format Rules.
  • Story pages go in the category Yes
  • Character Sheets and other writer's aids go in the category Yes/Writers
  • Add the name of the main character before all choices in that character's story e.g. [[Yes/Character/Option|Option]] Where Character is the short name of the main character.
  • Add all pages to a category distinct to the main character as well as the base Yes Category e.g. [[Category:Yes|Page Name]][[Category:Yes/Character|Page Name]] Where Character is the short name of the main character, and Page Name is the name of the page after all forward slashes.
  • None of my main characters should be presented as racist or sexist. Other people's main characters can be that way (if they approve), and supporting characters can be that way, just not my main characters.
  • I reserve the right to delete poorly written entries.
  • I reserve the right to amend or edit these rules at my whim.


These guidelines are here to help you, not to restrict you per se.

The Ring Yes

Yes was forged in Djinnistan, the realm of the djinn, and brought to our universe as a gift for King Solomon. In Solomon's wisdom, he saw the ring as too powerful for any man to wield, and sealed it away. It was lost with the majority of King Solomon's treasure. The ring has never actually been used at the start of the story.

What Yes does

  • Any yes or no question asked of anything by the ring-wearer results in the answer "yes" or other equivalent affirmative. Thereafter reality bends to make the answer true so long as the changes only affect the ring-wearer and/or the target. For example: If the ring wearer asked a woman if her breasts had grown two sizes, she would say "yes" and they would grow. If he asked the same woman if the sky was green, she would say "yes" and they would both see the sky as green, but the actual color of the sky would not change and everyone else would see it as blue.
  • The ring works across all language barriers, even with deaf people, and those who have not yet learned a language or have no language. In all cases the listener will understand what is being asked, and will reply in the affirmative.
  • The ring works on everything even things that are generally not afforded the properties of thought or consciousness. This may be difficult to discover for the ring-wearer, because it isn't often that one asks yes or no questions of inanimate objects.
  • If addressing a group, the ring affects the entire group.
  • The target of the question does not have to be present for the ring to have an effect.
  • The ring-wearer can affect themselves . . . should they be in the habit of talking to themselves.
  • The powers of the ring can even affect the ring itself.
  • The ring can only be destroyed by the Abrahamic God, himself. No other force in the universe or beyond can damage it.
  • The ring resizes itself to fit around any extremity (finger, toe, tentacle, penis, clitoris, nipple, etc.) that it is attempted to be placed on.

What Yes does not do

  • The ring does not function if it is not physically worn around an extremity (finger, toe, tentacle, penis, clitoris, nipple, etc.) of a conscious physical being that can communicate.
  • The ring does not affect questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no.
  • The ring does not automatically give speech to those without it. They will give an affirmative response in their own way.
  • The ring does not affect any third party.
  • The ring does not affect the Abrahamic God, whether you call him Allah, Yahweh, El, Jehovah, etc.
  • The powers of the ring cannot grant the ring the ability to override any of the above restrictions.

Things to keep in mind

  • We frequently ask rhetorical questions of people that we expect a "no" from that the ring would make a yes. This could seriously mess with things depending on the question.
  • Power like this is unlikely to go unnoticed. Others will covet that power or want to destroy it.