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There is an ancient ring loose in the world of man. This ancient ring is powerful beyond compare. Forged millennia ago in the forges of the djinn; it is the most powerful artifact in all of creation. Called simply نعم (Naäam) meaning "Yes", it makes it impossible for any being save mighty Allah himself to refuse any request of the ring-bearer. Even a simple question will result in an answer of yes, and with that answer it will become Truth. Even if the question is sarcastic or in jest, the ring knows not these things, and will force the answer to be yes. Even if the listener does not know the ring-bearer's language, cannot hear, or has no language the ring will still bring about the change. Lost for ages, the ring has finally resurfaced only to be found by . . .

Note: Writers should feel free to add to the above list and add either {{Open}} or {{Closed}} to indicate whether you want anyone else working on that particular storyline. Note that these are not equal to the permissions on the index pages. All entries are still subject to the Rules, and closed entries will be treated more like the Errors Only permission level.

This story is much lighter than my usual game/stories. I hope this will make it more attractive to other writers. There aren't any templates or stats to track, just keep the continuity of each path in line with the story to that point. There are Guidelines and Character Writeups to help out, but these are to be helpful, not restrictive. I welcome writers to contribute, either with their own storyline, or adding to my own.

I am willing to write some scenes on request. To make a request, edit the page and put the following code after your requested option '''(Request)''' --~~~~. There is no need to sign this as the signature is part of that code. I won't promise a prompt fulfillment of requests however. --Elerneron (talk) 22:31, 5 January 2017 (CET)