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"X Marks The Spot"

This story follows the young man, James, in his life as thief who has one ultimate goal. To become incredibly wealthy. What will he do to obtain his goal? Will he become a thief of the people, who is praised and admired? Or will he become a menace that the people tell horror stories of?

If you wish to contribute, please get in contact with me, Rebby (talk)

(Currently working on revising what I've already written to better suit my future goal of the story)


The kingdom of Valnuvia is a small place. The tiny kingdom has but one city, Athos, and one castle known as, The Red Keep. The castle is named as such due to the king's love for the color red, which he uses to decorate the castle, city, and military uniforms with. There is another reason for the name...rumors say that the castle's prison is soaked red with the blood of it's prisoners. Very few people get locked up inside the castle itself, and those who do are never heard from again. Despite the kingdoms small size and a few unnerving rumors, the people are happy. Valnuvia's lands are rich with resources and food. The land has been a bit of a secret until recent years, unmarked on any maps due to it's secluded location.

More and more people are learning of the kingdom and traveling to it. They travel to it in hopes of trade and perhaps a new home. The citizens of Athos welcome the new popularity of their kingdom and enjoy the riches that come with it. Though not all of Athos is prosperous. The slums are a terrible place; filled with the unwanted, the hungry, the poor, and the criminals of the city. This is where you live and this is where your story begins. All is fair in the life of a thief, so what kind of thief will you be?


You, James

Your mother, Christine

Your younger sister, Sarah

Your childhood friend, Beth

Other characters will be introduced later in the story and their character sheets can be found there.

In the Beginning

You are sleeping peacefully after a long day until some wakes you up.

Status Equipment:
Name James Slum Clothes
Race Human
Age 22
Karma 0 Gold:20