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Pre-story intro

Firstly I apologize for not having a title for this piece, I had a problem nailing it so i have decided to wait till later. Secondly, this is my first story (online.) Please forgive me for bad pacing, grammar and spelling. I will try my best to keep that problem to a minimum. Thirdly and probably most importantly, I feel it a necessity to warn you that the story is graphic in nature, and will contain sex, slight gore, and some other things that might not be deemed acceptable so... you have been warned. That being said, on with the show.)

The sounds of early morning drifted through the slightly open window, the crisp spring air carrying the scents of the season. The soft breeze tickled the young pups nose, making him sneeze, his body bolting up right as he did so. The small wolf pup smiled gently as he looked at the date. "Ah spring break how I love the." The small pup quickly got dressed in his normal attire.

Oh... right how rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself, and our esteemed protagonist for this story. My name... well my name is unimportant, most call me the observer, and still others call me the Narrator. You more then likely will call me that guy that just talks too much. Our hero's name... well okay hes not a hero, in fact he is a normal boy... well okay hes not quite normal for our world but in his, he is. His name is Carter, Carter Delfang, and he is an anthro wolf pup. You might be asking yourself what that means, or you might not if you already know or don't give a damn and want me to shut up and get back to the story, which I will shortly. An anthro is a being that is mostly animal in form yet stands on two legs, (usually) wears cloths and can talk. now with that being said... back to the story.

The pup by now was fully dressed, a blue and green short sleeve shirt covering the top half of dark grey and blue furred body. The small pup was close to 10 years old but still small for his age, standing about two foot tall, and his skinny body didn't help any as it made him look more like a female then male. A pair of skinny, tightly clinging blue jeans didn't help that matter any but he didn't really mind all the teasing he got for it.

A soft and tender voice called from the down stairs, his mother, a strange mix of bovine and canine, a milf by all rights. She stood about five foot seven, had an hour glass figure and legs that could make most men drool for hours. Her only draw back as far as she was concerned was that her large HH cup breasts lactated a large portion of the time, leaving a damp milk stain on most of her shirts. Carter blushed a bit as he thought about his mother and shook his head before going down the stairs and hugging her gently.

Carter and his mother, Anya, lived alone, his father having run out with some tavern wench while Anya was pregnant, leaving her to tend to the child alone. Anya raised her son as well as she could, and as far as Carter was concerned she did a fairly good job. Sometimes she yelled for what he thought was no reason, and was very protective of him when it came to bullies calling him a sissy boy (even if he did look the part.).

Anya smiled softly as she watched her little boy bounce down the stairs, his happiness infectious and making her laugh lightly as he bound up to her and hugged her hard, completely ignoring the slightly damp shirt that he had gotten used to. She smiled and patted the small cub on his head as she looked down to him. "What would you like for breakfast my darling baby boy." He scoffed a bit and backed up slightly. "Mommy I am not a baby anymore... I am ten years old." He whined softly. She giggled and kissed his head softly. "Well to me you will always be my baby boy... so tell mommy what you want for breakfast." She stated with a soft smile as she moved to the stove, her hips swaying side to side as she started to pull out ingredients. Carter found himself staring at his mothers rump as it swayed, his mouth drooling a little more then usual before he shook his head and tried to clear those thoughts. It was wrong, he told himself, shes my mom. But as much as he repeated the mantra he couldn't lie that at night lately he could only think about his darling mother.

He made an audible gulp as he looked up her back. "Um... just some bacon and eggs mom... that would be great." He stated softly, as he sat at their table.

(and for now this is where i shall end it. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment, if you have a suggestion please leave that too... I know i am not the best so please feed back will help me get better.))

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