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This is an experiment in using shorter and simpler posts to tell a story. My stories usually consist of huge and very detailed posts. I want to challenge myself as a writer to tell a good story while limiting myself to around 3 paragraphs of around 5 lines or less each (rough guide.) In most cases though, I am going to trend even shorter than that to around the same size as this one paragraph for the entire post. Please ask before contributing, but I would prefer to only have other writers who tend to write extensively long posts in their stories. This is a challenge to higher level writers who write these detailed posts to still write a good story with short posts.

So, how would you like to start?

NOTE: If you would like to make a request, due to the short form nature of the posts it will make things a lot easier if you make your requests on the post next to the option you want filled. Simply write "REQUEST" in bold, and then put 4 ~ marks after it in order to add your signature so the writer knows who is making the request.