Viking Conquest

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Welcome to the year 966; a time of brutal raids, trade and conquest. The early viking settlers have already sailed and established a colony on the Isles known as Storbritannia. It is seen as a land of prosperity where winters are milder and food is plenty, which has lured many away from the Scandinavian mainland. Some opportunistic sailors have set up basic trade routes between Storbritannia and Norwegian territories in order to buy precious metals in exchange for preserved foods. Not all of the Isles is under Storbritannia's control however and whispers of a gathering invasion are commonplace as Christian lords eye her territories with greed. Meanwhile in Scandinavia tribal warring is prevalent and family members in line to powerful tribal positions end up either missing or dead. No matter what position in society you were born from the turbulence in Scandinavia allows even those born from captured slaves a chance to run from your masters and start a new life in a neighbouring village. Dynasties never seem to last long as people wonder whether they have a chance to carve out their own Nordic kingdom, leaving a succession crisis a truly revolting thing to endure. While things are more stable in Storbritannia at the moment raiders are always welcome to try their fortune on mainland Europe.

Some things need consideration and choosing your gender is one such thing. While might makes right... A Woman who holds territory ambitions may find it more difficult to control certain realities of medieval viking life. That is not to say you cannot lead your raiders, soldiers or vassals with the same ferocity, only that the reaction of others around you may make you a target both mockingly and otherwise. If you choose the harder path than it is suggested that you start higher in Norse society or have others looking after you who are.

Before we start this story we need to address who you are and where you were born. After this a selection of characters you can choose from and their stories will become available to you and the story can begin. Not every character has a happy ending and a weary traveller might find themselves in precarious positions regardless of how hard you struggle against fate.

Which do you choose?