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Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, or need any help please feel free to contact me on my Talk Page. Feel free to remove this welcome notice if it bothers you. --Elerneron (talk) 14:46, 14 November 2015 (CET)

About the RV in Family Ties

You mind explaining how the RV looks like on the inside? I'm having trouble writing any scenes in it due to a lack of knowledge of the interior. Rikion 12:29PM, 3 January 2016 (UTC)

Looking from the out side of the passenger side there is a door entering the living section of the rv a few feet behind the passenger door. upon entering you are looking directly at the small kitchen with a small window above the sink looking out the driver side of the vehicle. directly behind the driver seat is a small 4 person table and bench. across from the fringe and sink is a couch the converts to bed. it's on the same wall as the main door directly to the left of it. in the center of the living area is a small console/coffee table. there is a hall way leading to the rear of the vehicle. once in the hallway to your right is a door leading to the bathroom to the right is a small closet with the mechanics of the RV. ( water heater, breaker, hook ups ect.). directly ahead is the main bedroom the only private bedroom in the rv. The driver comparement is fairly spacious with two captains chairs and a loft above the driver compartment with another full sized bed. There is also a curtain separating the driver and living compartment that can used to separate the two while the RV is being driven or the front being used as a bedroom. I hope this helps but I can also help with more specific detail. Thanks for your interest in the story. --Blackdragon25 (talk) 11:07, 4 January 2016 (CET)

Family Ties' Editing Permissions

Will it be okay with you if I changed the WIP Do Not Edit on Family Ties Editing section to Open? I feel like we could get more people interested in it if they knew that it was open to edit, despite parts of the story still at the other website. --Zero (talk)

I would prefer to hold off on changing the stories status until more of the story is brought over to this site. I am continuing to do that as I have time. I am very thankfully for everyone's assistance.--Blackdragon25 (talk) 06:32, 6 January 2016 (CET)

About Heather's friend

Do you have any idea what she looks like or do I have permission to make something up? Zero (talk) 5:19PM 16 January 2016

Timmy's storyline.

Just to give you a heads up, Timmy's storyline is officially finished being moved here. I have already changed its status from WIP to Open for Editing and I hope to see it expanded on. Zero (talk) 6:53PM 16 January 2016

Family Ties Linked List Proposal

Hello, first of all, I want to thank you for continuing this story, I really enjoy reading each new instalment. I read that the story was originally in other site and you're moving it over here, but I don't know if that process is already over or if you're still moving parts of it. Anyways, thanks for all your effort.

Now, an issue I have with such a complex and extensive story, is that when you post a new page, it's sometimes hard for me to know exactly where in the story that new page belongs, what path of the story is this new page continuing. I sometimes have to go all the way back to the beginning to try to find the path that leads to the new page in order to keep it in context.

In order to alleviate this situation, I wanted to propose you adding a "back" button to the pages, so that users can traverse the story in either direction, facilitating remembering what happened just before the current page. The code could be really simple: [[Family Ties/Title of Previous Page|< Back]]

This would work in most pages, since most pages have a single ancestor. In pages that are linked to by several, it could have multiple "back" buttons to each of those, or just one to the most relevant one. Finally in really complex pages, like the rock/paper/scissors or truth or dare games, the "back" button could simply direct to the beginning of the game.

I know you're already doing a lot of work just writing the story, and this suggestion is more work for you, so if you do think this is a good idea, I can work on adding these buttons on the pages already published, so you need only to add them to new chapters.

--Tod Naturlich (talk) 00:58, 3 September 2017 (CEST)


I would really love to see more development on the Steven path. There was SO much potential stemming from part: