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I'm an avid reader, and I'm trying to write more, let's see if the format of this Wiki makes me productive.

I'm still getting used to write for this Wiki format, and it seems like every day I discover something new that I can add to my stories; this, combined with my tendency to check and correct minor mistakes after publishing, means that my posts will probably be heavily edited, and if someone is following on the recent changes page, it might appear I publish a lot, when mostly it's minor corrections to format or grammar. In order to minimize annoyance, what I'll do is mark all edits I do as "minor", unless I actually change part of the story. That way someone following me will know they can ignore any changes marked as minor and concentrate on the meat of my edits.


For the last few days I've been writing a story that just entered my head and didn't let me sleep. I finally finished it and published it on the main side. If you want to read it and comment on it, I'll be very glad. I wrote it almost without editing, so there's probably a lot of typos, mistakes and weird things, and I'll be glad if you bring any of that to my attention so I can correct it. The story is called "Kitty on the beach", and here's the url, fixed so it can be published here: hxxps://

Ok, I've finished Thiana's first week path refactoring. Since many other authors had alrady began with the second week, I'm gonna focus a bit into creating shells for more people in the school, I'm just gonna give them names, ages and family relations, without spending any time to build up the characters. As always, they will be available if anyone wants to flesh them out.

My Stories

  • Disciplinary Action -- A school implements extreme measures to keep the students in the right path. (Open for requests or contributions).

My Contribution to Other Stories

  • Invasion!, Winterkin Arc Elerneron's story -- A race of anthropomorphic alien dogs plans to invade Earth by means of breeding hybrids. (Open for requests or contributions).

My Style Sheets

My Scripts (you will have to copy the source, not the wiki view, for now)