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About Me

Hello, I'm kitkatevermore, but if that's too long for you to type, just call me Kat. I mostly use this site to practice smut and let other people enjoy the things I write, but even when I'm not in the mood to write or I don't have the time, I'm probably still on here, rereading my favorite stories. Common themes throughout the things I write are incest, child/adult relationships (obviously), father/daughter relationships, forced sex, and pregnancies--- so if any of those don't fit your fancy, I'd advise for you to stay away from my stories, because they're absolutely filled with all that good stuff.


-- Guess who's back!

Ongoing Stories

  • Everlasting Affairs - A game where you're an adventurer who winds up in the Kingdom of Erotopia and learns about the strange quirks and stories of the inhabitants.