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Hello, I am a writer who really enjoys writing and contributing. I am highly likely to contribute to any given open story if it happens to catch my interest.

Currently working on 2 Taboo 4 You, originally started by Elerneron. I am also a mod on the main forum site of "All The Fallen"

I really like getting feedback, and if anyone would like to see a given story more flushed out with options, feel free to make a request of me in any story I have contributed to. (Me contributing means I feel comfortable enough with it to get into it, and also have the permission of the originator either directly through contact or implicitly from leaving their story open to contribution.) You can also ask me to fill out an option in something I haven't contributed to, but there is a fairly high probability I might refuse.

This link leads to another project I am working on that I am sort of using this site as a staging area for. (it is out of context and will not make sense if you read it here. Please wait for the finished work to come out.)

Yeah those are from older interactive stories with much stricter rules, that I wanted to transfer here to work on in more detail with less restrictions. After looking at them I will definitely need to re work them.

Other projects

User:Jemini/Temporary story page

My personal story scene jumper archive