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Hi, I'm Innocent Ruin, but you can call me just Inoru. It means "to pray" in Japanese, or some shit like that. I'm a self-proclaimed amateur writer, and I like tragedy.

I've been writing since I was an angsty teen, but sadly I've got very little to show for it, because most of the stuff I've written in the past is either in Finnish, which is my first language, or isn't sexual in nature.

I'm currently in a (slow) progress of translating and rewriting some of my lewd works to English for others to enjoy.

I'm not confident most people will find my stuff enjoyable, but if they bring joy to even one person on this site, my mission is a success.

Positive, negative or constructive, feedback is always appreciated.

Note: I'm currently taking a break from active writing for three reasons. One, I'm a little burned out. Two, I'm busy with work. And three, I'm preoccupied with other hobbies. I still write every now and then, because when inspiration strikes me I have to write, and who knows when inspiration will strike me again.


  • Female perspective.
  • Happy funtime with petite girls. (Happiness of all parties is not always guaranteed.)
  • Squirmy tentacles and other interspecies intercourse.
  • Gender-bending, body swapping, feminization, shit like that.
  • Errors, maybe even bad grammar. (No, seriously. Mistakes always slip through my fingers no matter how much I proofread.)


  • Apotheosis - This story takes place in a world where even mortals can become gods. It's a tale of two different individuals; a young nobleman with a big dream hopes to build himself a grand harem, and an eccentric goddess who dreams of revenge. Through their bizarre friendship, they decide to work together towards making each other's dreams come true. Open for contributions and some original content.
  • Nymphsaga - Your typical "stuck inside a Virtual Reality MMORPG" story with a sexy twist. Pretty heavy in lore. Includes a lot of non-pornographic content as well. It will remain my priority number one until it's finished.
  • The Story of Hanna - A story about one girl's tragic downfall. As title states, it's a about Hanna; a princess, an alchemist, and a self-proclaimed genius. She tends to get into a lot of trouble and faces grave hardships throughout her life. For now, this is my priority number two.
  • I've also worked on a couple of bite-sized short stories that are meant to be something you can easily gulp down in one sitting. One of them is a happy, down to earth story about an aspiring sex tourist finding love in an unlikely place. Another one is about a group of friends who as a final act of defiance against the society resort to some extra spicy crime due to feeling unfairly persecuted. These kinds of stories are the absolute lowest on my list of priorities, but then again, they ARE short, so I might have something to publish sooner rather than later.


  • LITTLE VILLAIN MILKA - (title pending)

Once upon a time there was a young boy who was born into a world of inequality. It became apparent at very young age that he had a power, and that this power made him disfigured as a human. This turned out to be his curse. The world he saw around him was not kind to his kind; he witnessed slavery, rape, cold slaughter and burning hatred towards the disfigured, who the general public shamed and labelled as demons. He wasn't spared from cruelty, but luckily, day after day, he survived. He vowed to fight his fate and liberate his kind, and surely enough, his fate was to become the legendary demon lord Diablo, who united demons across the continent in a struggle for survival. His kingdom that accepted even demons as part of humanity lasted and survived for a brief two hundred years, but they couldn't win the war. In his final battle against the allied forces invading their kingdom, his kingdom fell. Diablo was finally eliminated, but not once and for all. His servants were able to restore and his memories along with a fraction of his powers, but they couldn't store his soul; it would now return to the Nexus and be recycled in the vortex of reincarnation. Still, his followers vowed to restore their king and bring him back to earth to complete his mission in bringing peace to the world by bringing peace to his kind. All they had to do was to find his soul.

Over half a millennia passed and the world had changed drastically. Only one servant had survived the test of time, but his patience and perseverance were about to be rewarded. He finally found his king and fulfilled his holy task of returning him his memories and powers, but what had come of him? Needless to say, he was only a shadow of his former self. Regardless, he wanted to restore his powers and use them as a force for "good" - as he determines it - once more. What will this mean in a world that is not only technologically different, but also morally as well? What is his purpose as a demon lord in a world where disfigured aren't even considered demons anymore? Not even he knows the answer.


Here's an idea for an interactive survival game: an adventurer gets trapped in a dungeon created by a succubus. As name might suggest, it's all about those game overs, as the dungeon is constantly trying to fuck the played character in every way possible. Player has HP, enemies deal damage, player can deal damage with weapons, and there are some consumables as well for harder encounters. I admit, it's a complete and total copy of a concept I've seen played out in various doujins and games on DL-site. I thought it could make for an interesting story regardless. I've actually worked on this already, but there's way too little content for me to actually release anything. Since I don't have any drive to write it any more than a couple of pages every now and then, I don't plan on releasing this any time soon.


This is a story heavily inspired "the Purge" franchise, a concept originally created by an American screenwriter, director and producer James DeMonaco. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the various films and television series are set in future, where all crime is made legal once a year. I haven't personally watched everything this franchise has to offer, but the concept is one that I not only find extremely interesting but is in my humble opinion also begging for a pornographic story to take place in. "The Urge" is just that.

The story does not have to be set in the same universe or even in the good old USA, and it certainly does not have to have the same characters. It doesn't have to be set in the future; it can even be set in the past for all I care. Hell, this can be a collection of many such events, all of which take place in different setting. Okay, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but the point is, I'm only loaning the concept. It doesn't have to be only rape and violence either. After all, sex with minors is considered illegal, and therefore counts as an illegal-activity-made-legal for one night only. So far, the only rules that I think is absolute for this story are:

  1. It has to be an interactive meta story,
  2. with all kinds of content permitted,
  3. preferably with multiple different played characters, with both willing and unwilling participants, aka "predators" and "victims", being acceptable,
  4. and it has to be set in a world where age of consent is somewhere in the 16-18's range. Otherwise, what would be the point of having sex with a ten-year-old on the night of "Urge" if it wasn't illegal in the first place?

In the end, I'm really just playing with ideas here. I don't have any plans of actually starting a project like this unless there's interest for it. Furthermore, I would need to have a character of my own in mind to start the project, as I'm not comfortable with publishing a story without first having at least a vague idea of where I'm going with it.


I'm not a big fan of writing fanfiction because it's not really what I look for when I want to write stories. There are many reasons for this, but overall it all boils down to the fact that I like coming up with shit. I want to be able to make up original characters and settings, but find it extremely difficult to incorporate these kinds of things into existing franchises. Lucky for me - as rare as they may be - there are some franchises that fit this - and other unmentioned - criteria. One of these shiny exceptions is Pokemon. The world offers much lore, many different settings and a huge amount of characters to play with, and since it's basically a franchise that is always expanding, it even allows for original content. Basically, it's an endlessly expanding universe.

Before I say anything else, I kind of like the idea of free-for-all "Pokemon Romp" with only rule being that it has to take place in Pokemon universe (duh), and while I'm all for it, I'm not sure whenever I would want to contain my story inside short paragraphs. So, what do I specifically have in mind? Basically, I like villains and bad guys, and I like the idea of them giving trouble to innocent people. Every Pokemon game features an evil faction or a "Team", so the framework for there to be a lot of bad guys is already there. It gave me an idea of there being a faction inspired by some kind of sex cult, where they're fighting for sexual liberation between humans and Pokemon, and even wants to crossbreed them. There could even be some kind of legendary sex Pokemon, or even a whole new type of Pokemon dedicated to it. (This typing could be applied to existing Pokemon as well.) And now that I think of it, some of this DOES sound kind of ridiculous and quite stupid indeed, but hey, this doesn't necessarily HAVE to be a serious story. It could also be told from the perspective of a grunt just joining the team, or a trainer who is fighting against them; I'm not sure if I have a preference either way, since both could work. It could even play around with the theory about humans being evolved from Pokemon in the games, or with the possibility of there being an alternative universe where these kinds of things could even be possible, in a same way that there are universes both with and without mega evolutions.

Past that, I've got nothing. This isn't even a work in progress, but rather a concept I'm playing with. I'm only writing it down because when I get inspired by something, I need to write it down and strike while the iron is hot. I'm sure a good chunk of you can relate.