Unusual Attractions

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“Come on, sis!” Foyle beckoned, the little anthro fox already darting toward the creek he had discovered in the forest beyond the backyard of their house. He was as eager as ever to show his younger sister the stunning sight of it.

“Wait!” Felina called from somewhere behind him, Foyle hearing her near-silent footsteps as she sprinted to catch up. He slowed down a bit, partially to let her reach his side, and partially because of the overgrowth and fallen branches that littered the only pathway available into the forest. It was rather treacherous in some areas, many places that they could easily become injured on, but Foyle didn’t care about that in the slightest, focused only on what lie beyond it all.

At 7 years old, Foyle was a little boy with plenty of curiosity and drive to explore the unknown, discover new things about the world around him. His family having recently moved into a new home in the middle of the suburbs, it presented to him plenty of opportunity to seek adventure. Felina, on the other hand, though two years younger, was a much more timid little girl, preferring to remain indoors whenever she could. However, she did have a tendency to trail behind her brother when he asked her to follow, no matter where he would take her.

“Here we are!” Foyle announced cheerfully as he burst into a clearing, the gold sun of the morning buffeting him in its warmth and the soothing sound of slow-running water meeting his fuzzy ears. Sure enough, there was the glistening, bright blue creek in all its glory, sparkling under the sun rays.

“Woah…” Felina acknowledged between exhausted pants as she made it up to her brother’s side. Foyle watched as she examined the landscape, her eyes widening in a concoction of various emotions, all positive no doubt.

The fox boy stretched his arms up a bit, flexing his lithe biceps a couple times as he brought them down, simply for fun. They swelled only about a couple centimeters as he did so, but they certainly did. Of course, he was still a child, but his continuous, vigorous activity did give him some subtle bodily toning, and it showed, what with his taut belly and slightly-prominent pecs along with his slim arms and legs.

That was one reason he decided to go shirtless for the occasion. Well, almost naked besides his swim trunks, as if to show himself off to the world, a habit he had since he discovered his unusually tone body for someone his age. The second reason:

“Wanna play in it?” Foyle asked, motioning to the creek.

“Um, I didn’t bring my swimsuit,” Felina replied shyly, tapping her fingertips together as if bashful.

“It’s fine! Wanna go get it?”

Felina was silent for a few seconds, Foyle watching in anticipation as if the decision was something grand.

“No, it’s okay,” the fox girl finally said. “Mommy taught me a trick for when I forget my swimsuit.”

“What’s the trick?” the fox boy asked curiously.

However, he didn’t receive a verbal response. Instead, he got an answer that he never expected.

Felina stepped back about a foot, her cheeks turning rather rosy under her soft fur as her finger wrapped around the hem of her red tank top. She began to lift it slowly - purposely slowly, Foyle was sure - pulling it above her plush, thin belly, then past her fluffy, white-furred chest, little pink nipples poking from the fleece, then over her head, her silky blonde hair falling gracefully from the neck as she set the clothing article on the grass beside her. She then moved her hands to her skirt, sliding her thumbs into the hem as she kept pushing down. The piece slid down the lengths of her slightly-plump hips and thighs before pooling at her feet. She stepped out of it and moved it on top of her shirt.

There she stood, little vixen Felina, clad only in her pink cotton panties, fuzzy, orange fur glistening in the sun.

Foyle was taken aback, to say the least. Felina was typically such a shy girl, the miniature strip show being completely out of her character, especially in front of her own brother as he stared the entire time. Not to mention, he, admittedly, did think of her as a little more than just a sister. He couldn’t help it, especially with her beautiful, adorable face and unusually-yet-stunningly perfect body for someone her age - a plush, little butt, slimmer waist, smooth belly, newly-formed buds of prepubescent breasts - now on nearly full display for him to see. He may have had something of a crush on her, even if they were siblings.

“Um, Mommy said that I could just use my undies as a swimsuit if I forget my actual one,” Felina explained, her bushy fox tail fluttering to her front and acting as an extra censor for her nearly-naked torso.

Foyle sighed internally, wishing only to be able to see his little sister’s body again without the blockade. Than again, it was probably for the better as he had begun to feel a slight tightening in his crotch before she covered herself. “O-Okay, cool!”

“Can we play now?” Felina asked, stepping closer again, Foyle only then realizing the slight lavender scent that wafted off her, only adding to the beauty of the scene.

“Sure!” The fox boy then grinned happily, suddenly reaching forward and wrapping his arms around his sister’s waist and lifting her easily off the ground. “Gotchya!”

Felina squeaked and giggled in delight as Foyle whirled around and playfully tossed her into the crystal water. She landed with a splash, the fox boy grinning wider as he flung himself toward her, the two colliding with a second splash as they burst out into joyous laughter.

The two tussled like the fox pups they were for a little while, rolling around and glomping each other back and forth. Some time later, the two grew rather exhausted, pausing their little battle whilst still partially submerged in the cool water. The portion of the creek they were in at the point was no more than a couple inches deep, allowing the two to lie back without issue.

However, Foyle found himself not doing that at all, instead taking his small rest still suspended above Felina, stuck on his hands and knees as she lie flat on her back beneath him.

That’s when it struck him, what position that represented.

He could feel the blood rushing to his cheeks instantly as he realized, his subtle pants becoming a bit more rushed as his heart skipped a beat. He peered down in surprise, his eyes locking with those lovely yellow gems that were Felina’s eyes. He dared to pry his gaze away from them, visually examining each aspect of of her face and body up close and personal. Those fluffy cheeks, those welcoming lips, that white-furred chest that rose and feel with each soft breath, those adorable nipples that were standing a bit taller than before from the chill of the water, that slim belly, those cute panties that were utterly soaked, fabric clinging tight to her young cunny between her thighs.

It was all so...so inviting to the curious little fox.

Felina then let out a subtle yet sharp gasp, Foyle darting his eyes back to her face, than down at himself as he found her widened eyes staring at something down below. Only then did the sensation find him.

There, presented under the fabric constraints of his swim trunks yet making a mountain out of the front of it, his cock had hardened to its fullest ability, threatening to rip right out. New feelings and naughty ideas that ever occurred to him before began to fill his body with a rising heat, cloud his mind with only thoughts of...satisfying that heat.

“F-Foyle…?” Felina whimpered, the slightest hint of curiosity coming along with her anxious tone. “Is that…?”

Foyle only found himself nodding in response, his train of thought focused on one thing and one thing only. “F-Felina… I think I like you more than just a sister… So I’m gonna do this just this time…”

The fox boy stealthily moved his hand and cupped his sister’s cheek before running his palm down the length of her neck, over her budding chest, across her belly, then down to the hem of her panties, all the while keeping his eyes locked to her face, the rosiness turned to an embarrassed red, yet she didn’t do a thing the whole time, nor when he slipped his probing fingers under her panties and began to gently pull them down her thighs. He could feel his own face begin to heat up along with the rest of his hungry body.

But then, Felina smiled. It was faint and vanished as suddenly as it had come, but it was certainly there, that cheery little smile that always brightened Foyle’s world. He quickly returned it.

That was all the silent consent he needed.

Foyle lay himself into Felina’s luscious body, his muzzle locking with her’s in a passionate kiss. Sheer ecstasy flooded his system as soon as he made contact, his chest pressed into her’s, and soon, after he had reached down to his own trunks and shoved them off his throbbing erection, his cock to her tight, innocent pussy.

He wrapped his arms around her back, making sure they remained interlocked in the blissful position, the wafting heat growing in intensity by the second. He felt her heated breath being sucked away as Felina returned the deep kiss, her arms sliding across his back and taking him in a loving embrace. It all felt amazing to him, and he was sure it felt just so to her as well.

But it wasn’t enough.

The burning lust that built within him was far too much to satisfy with simple a naked hug. He needed to do more. Much more.

Foyle released his oral hold, sucking in a panting breath as Felina stared up at him, her curious eyes filled with the same lust that he bared. Without another moment’s hesitation, he lifted himself up just slightly, aiming his member for her little button positioned just centimeters away.

Then, he thrusted.

Felina let loose a sharp gasp, followed by a series of seductive moans and wails as Foyle entered her, the fox boy instantly being bombarded by so many even newer feelings as he thrust himself in and out, in and out, the insides of her pussy riding along his shaft in feelings that he had never experienced before. But they were feelings that he desired only to keep them going forever, and, judging by the positive gasps that were escaping his sister’s lips, she felt the same exact way.

Deeper, deeper, deeper he went, shoving himself further and further in with each pound, making sure to gain the fullest potential from every action. Felina bobbed up and down with every motion, Foyle watching as she slipped her fingers to her chest, running through her soft fur before they met with her nipples. She played with them, rubbed profusely as the pressure and pleasure rose higher and higher. He lay himself back onto her as he kept thrusting with all the might his buffed body could muster, grinding himself across her beautiful body as he held her as close as he possibly could, the energy transferring back and forth between them with every sexual motion being so much. Almost too much.

But Foyle refused to halt, driving his cock as deep as it could possibly go into Felina’s little pussy. He ran his greedy palms up the surface of her body once again, her moans turning to nearly howls as he met her hands, then her nipples, all the while placing a well-aimed kiss to the side of her neck.

He absolutely adored every bit of it, and he knew she did just as well.

Then, all at once, all the feelings released from their locked bodies, bringing a howl from the both of them at the climax. Foyle slid himself out of Felina just as frothy cum spewed from the tip of his cock and leaked from her cunny, still appearing as innocent and as cute as ever despite what had just occurred.

The fox boy released a breath, settling on top of his sister as he kept her in the affectionate embrace. He could feel her soft breaths against his fur, her rising chest and nipples still pressing subtly into his own chest. Her arms still remained around his back, a sign that she loved the experience just as much as he did.

“Love you, sis,” Foyle whispered in her ear, slight nervous of how she would respond.

“Love you too, bro,” the fox boy heard her reply just as quietly, a wide smile spreading across his muzzle as the two lay still and silent in the cool creek, naked, but it didn’t matter to either of them. It was one experience that he was sure neither would ever forget. And, as he let the water soak into his fur, the warmth of the sun shining on his back and the warmth of his sister against him, he had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last experience of that kind between them.