Universal Acceptance/Use your power to “convince” him to tell you

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“I don’t wanna wet my bed till I’m married!” You complain, “you gotta tell me what sex is so I can stop wetting the bed!” You demand. Having phrased this as an argument, you know your power is going to activate. He will have no choice but to answer you now, but you are a little frustrated you had to actually use your power just to get him to tell you this.

“Well,” he responds, turning back around, “you know what a girl looks like naked?” He asks you, to witch you nod your head. You know he is aware you know. You may have been hiding your naked play with your sisters using your power, sometimes even having to resort to the brute force method of just straight up lying and saying you and your sisters weren’t naked together, but he does know you were involved when all the kids at school were showing their bodies to each other on the playground. “Well,” he says, “girls have a hole down there in their privates. It’s called a vagina. God made girls with a vagina so that when they are married their husband can put his penis in there and squirt his semen inside.”

“So I gotta sleep with my penis inside a girl’s vagina?” You ask.

“No,” he responds, “you can do it while you are awake too.”

“but how?” You ask.

“I think that is enough for now,” he says, having fulfilled the minimum requirement of the demand you gave him with your power and returning to his previous mind-set. Looks like you are going to have to give him another ‘persuasive argument.’

“You gotta tell me how!” You say. That’s the bare minimum, that’s all you need to make your power work.

“Well… you put your penis in and then… you make yourself feel good till the semen comes out.”

“Make myself feel good?” You respond.

“That’s enough,” he says, “you get yourself cleaned up while I go get your cloths.”

“You gotta tell me how to make myself feel good in a girl so the semen comes out!” You grab him back with one last order.”

“Ok,” he says, “it’s not that hard, you can make your penis feel good by rubbing on it and playing with it. If you rub on it while it’s hard, it will make the semen come out. You just rub it in and out of the girl’s vagina.”

“Oh,” you respond, finally having a real clear picture in your mind of what he is talking about.

“Anyway,” he says, “this is something you shouldn’t be doing until you are a lot older. It is a lot like how I told you a while back when people were touching each other naked in school, that is something you really aren’t supposed to do as kids.”

“What?” You respond, “but I’m wetting the bed with semen now!”

“I know,” your dad responds, “but this is something you are just going to have to deal with for a while.”

What? Why can’t you have sex now? You don’t want to wet the bed like this again!