Universal Acceptance

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The world is full of rules and laws, most made to protect the public such as laws against murder but others simply to suck the fun out of things like no public sex. But what if one lucky individual had the power to make anything they do acceptable to all, with a few added bonuses to keep the fun rolling.

Well then, lets get started

First off, you are...

Author Notes: Hello everyone, welcome to Universal Acceptance where you can do anything you wish. The reason why this story now exists is to fill a new kink I found which is basically doing whatever you want with just a word and no one will think twice about it. Even if its say like fucking a random stranger on the street and people will go about their day like it was a normal thing after a quick explanation.

The story is based off and inspired by The Choice at CHYOA so credit does go to that story as well.

The story is free for all to have fun and drop by the discussion page for anything you wish to talk about as well as a more detailed explanation of how this story works.