The Kidnapping

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Your name is Andrew Jones, you seem like a normal guy, always smiling and making jokes. But you've actually got a dark fantasy. For the last few months, you've been stalking someone, you're planning to kidnap them, lock them up into your cellar, and do whatever you want to them.

Everything is ready, you just need the target. Who is it ?

- Jennifer Smith, 14 yo, small tits, blonde with chestnuts eyes.

- Zoe Smith, 9 yo, Jennifer's younger sister, also blonde with brown eyes.

- Emily Jones, 16, brunette with blue eyes, C cup. She's your sister.

- Riley Summer, 17, black hair, DD cup, slutty, most popular girl in highschool

Or maybe you're into boys ?

- Matthew Johnson, 13, brown scruffy hair.

- William Jenkins, 11, redhead with short hair.

- James Summer, 15, nerdy teen with black messy hair, Riley's brother