The Escape

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Zach looked out over the campground with an evil grin. He had planned his escape perfectly, years he had been trapped in the prison they called the Falkenstein Institute, where they forced him to endue every test their fiendish minds could think of. Zach was a special individual, he had discovered shortly after his twentieth birthday that he was immortal; he had been hit by a truck while crossing the street in front of his house. The truck had run right over him and drug him almost fifty feet before coming to a stop. When the ambulance arrived they were surprised to find he was still alive. All Zach could remember from that time was pain, never ending pain until he blacked out. When he woke up he was in the hospital and the whole story was told to him. He should have been dead, and there were several times during the surgery that they were sure he was going to die, yet he lived and healed and to the doctors surprise showed no signs of injury. He was watched by the hospital staff for a few weeks and then told he had to be transferred to a special hospital for his physical therapy due to the severity of his injuries. Zach did not think that he needed the physical therapy as he had no trouble moving about, but in his naivety he agreed, that was over 40 years ago and Zach had not aged a day.

The only change that had come to Zach was after Dr. Monica's last experiment to determine what gave him his healing and survival abilities. Somehow the combination of things had increased his inelegance ten fold and given him the ability to control others. The poor nurse that had come to check on him had gotten the blunt of his rage and lust. In seconds he had turned her into a mindless sex doll and fucked very hole she had. After a few days of fucking the young woman he finally came out of his lust filled stupor and stopped to think about things. Several things donned on him, one that no one had come to check on him or the nurse for three days, two he was not hungry or thirsty even after not eating for three days, three he knew exactly what time and day it was and exactly where he was. As he looked at the young nurse he also knew all about her, she was not a Nurse she as a volunteer from the local high school, or was until he got a hold of her, now she was a mindless sex toy. Her name was Amanda and she was 14 years old. He felt bad for the young girl, not that he had fucked her as he planed on doing it some more, she was beautiful and her holes were still tight even after three days of nonstop fucking. He also did not feel bad about turning her into his sex slave as that fact allowed him to fuck her and get his pleasure from her body. No it was the wiping of her mind that made him feel bad. No one deserved that.

Zach spent the next few hours looking and thinking about himself and the things that had happened to him, with his increased intellect it did not take long for him to discover and master all his abilities, he spent the next hour weeding through the girls shredded mind and piecing everything back together. When he was done he was sure that at least 90% of her personality and memories were restored, but she was still his sex toy. Then he planned his escape and her release back into society, she needed food water and a bath really bad.

Now he stood deep in the forest staring out into the camp in front of him, a camp filled with young pussy waiting to be plucked and him with the capabilities of doing so, he was no longer human, the combination on his own natural abilities and his bodies response to the 40 years of tests that were forced on him had turned him into a near god. He was almost completely invulnerable to harm, immune to all poisons and disease, had complete control of every part of his body to include the involuntary reactions, He did not need to eat, sleep, drink or breath but could do so if he wished. His body now received all required nutrients from osmosis, everything he touched, to include the air, supplied him with a bit of what he needed to survive. Lastly he had the ability to manipulate anything and any one both mentally and physically. Zach had every intention of using his new abilities to fuck very single female in the camps pussy, mouth and ass.

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