The Cursed Charm

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Ever since the dark ages, there has been a Legend about a king who's named long forgotten. This king had a charm made from pure emerald with massed power. Any who welds this relic of Calamity, had the ability of mind control and could raise the dead at will. The charms creator, A lone wolf Necromancer named Xeri Goldain, who saw the king using this charm for evil. Implanted a curse on it. Claiming that who ever wields this charm would have a higher potency as well as lust. But it came at a price. Each time they use it, Their chances of death increases. With that, the King who used this charm many times, roof fell in on him. Killing him in minutes. The charm was never seen again. Until now…..

First things first. Who is our new wielder of this Charm?



Different Variations of the Charm Exist find out here.