Summer Jobs

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You wake up to the soothing caress of a cool breeze over your 16-year-old body. The bedroom window you opened last night has finally brought some relief from the summer heat and humidity. Your bed sheets, deemed useless in the sweltering night, are strewn over your bedroom floor. You lie naked and alone in bed, greeted only by your throbbing morning wood. Your thick 8 inches stand straight up towards the ceiling, like a middle finger to the oppressively hot day that lies before you.

You sigh as you hear the joyful young voices outside your house enjoying the summer day. While most other kids your age are rejoicing in their liberation from the school year, you feel imprisoned by responsibilities. Your single dad is working on a freighter at sea for the summer months, and has left you in charge of taking care of the house as well as your 11-year-old brother. Dad asked you to get a job during school vacation so you can help pay the bills. What a great fucking summer this is going to be, you think to yourself.

It doesn't help that air conditioning is out of the question - the electric bill would be too expensive, Dad said. You pick up a dirty T-shirt off the floor and use it to wipe the sheen of sweat off your body, paying special attention to the nooks and crannies of your chiseled, athletic abdomen. You pause when the T-shirt reaches your persistent morning erection. You can't lose any time starting the job search. But this thing just won't go away. You eye the laptop on the floor beside your bed.

Be responsible. Start looking for jobs online.

Fuck it. Beat off to some porn.