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Your father comes to you with your letter that will give you all the information that has came from the test and what you fall under. You smile as your mom and dad look at you with hope. You open the letter as you look at it and what it says.

Dear Ashley,

We have gotten the results of the test that you took and we have found that you are a submissive and will report to school bus that will be outside of your home in two weeks time that will take you to the School of Submissive. You will not need any clothes as all will be given to you when you arrive at the school. All you will need is personal objects such as any pictures of family that you wish to bring, any diaries that you or wish to have and any other personal items that are not on the ban list that is included in this letter.

We understand that you may not have gotten the school that you wanted but understand that those tests are never wrong and this will help you find your place in the world. However failure to report to the school bus will not only mean punishment for yourself but for your parents as well. It could mean jail time for them if you keep refusing so it is in your and your parents best interests that you simply go along with the program that has worked for so long now.

Yours Sincerely

The School Board

Your father looks a little disappointed but doesn't say much as he walks out of the room as your mom hugs you. Most families want to have their kid in the School of Dominant. Your mom just smiles as she hugs you tight. "It will be okay, it won't be too bad, your father will understand in time that this is for the best." as she keeps you close. Your mother has been through the School of Submissive and is now a housewife to your father. You know that you have no choice as she get ready to leave in two weeks time.