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The year is 2096 and the Earth’s population has decreased by nearly half of what it used to be back in the early 2030’s, the records showed that the cause of this is still unknown, in earliest records of 2031 showed most males born around that time were born sterile, scientist thinking that radiation from the sun or other source in the universe had a hand in this sudden change.

Later records noted that slowly over the next two decades doctors stated that the birth rate of females had skyrocketed greatly, seven to one, leaving many scientist and most of society baffled as to why this had accrued.

In 2074 the chances of conceiving a male had dropped down considerably, around eighteen percent, females greatly outnumbered males now and with some men still wanting to be married to only one woman out of love and the older generations getting to old or passing on, that left one male to almost 40 females in order to keep the population up.

Around 2089 doctors had announced that males born around in the last 20 years had actually shown signs of regular sperm production again, in some younger males when they reached puberty their sperm counts had reached record highs.


  • With the population being so low the Government has made few exceptions to current laws.
    • Younger men who have reached sexual maturity are allowed to procreate with women that have also reached sexual maturity or older as long as both party's consent.
    • Older men having sexual relations with younger partners, in situations of misconduct and the level of misconduct, it will be handled case by case.
    • Incest, not being ethical, is allowed, if procreation occurs between family members they must be closely monitored by a medical professional.
  • It's a hefty fine to harass, violate, stalk, force or harm a male for sex.
  • The Government gives large tax breaks to single mothers and other benefits to encourage women to have children out of wedlock.
  • Males are compensated greatly for sperm donations.
  • Society tries to keep things civil and organized during all this chaos to make sure that all remaining males are comfortable in current society so they aren't forced or repulsed by multiple partner procreation.
  • In cases of teen pregnancies, society attempts in every way to make things work out for the teen mother so this does not slow her down and she is able to finish school. This is seen now as something to be rewarded, not punished.
  • Family relations are tracked in matriarchal terms. This means a child's father is often not even on the birth certificate, the only exceptions being if the father decides specifically to claim a child. There is also no expectation on the father to claim a child, as this would be seen as something that could make him hesitant to procreate with multiple partners. (A male must be 18 years or older and employed at the time of the child's conception in order to claim them.)


Jordan Powell, is a 13 Year old virgin wolf who has finally reached sexual maturity, he tends to unintentionally be a smooth talking lady's man and is the apple of a lot ladies eyes, he tends to get into situations that seem to always result into sex.

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