Skill Gone Wrong

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Dark purple coloured circle with the size of a large male, that is what you have found yourself standing in front of in the back pathway that you was using for a short cut. Having started your day normally without anything being different or strange to you until this very moment on the way to your school, stumbling upon this clearly out of your world existence before you. There isn't any kind of sounds that come from it, only the purple-ish appearance and the instinct feeling that it would suck you in with just a single step closer.

After the period of time that you spent in disbelief and wonder of what you have seen, finally your body moves forward either by your unconscious will, perhaps the wind, your legs getting tired or hand of fate. Only the darkness is what remains upon being pulled into the strange portal for who knows how long in your sense of time.

Eventually you can feel the solid sensation of the ground below your feet before your other senses picks up anything else, looking around yourself to find that you are in the pathway once again but with the lacking of the strange portal, taking a few moments to ponder over the strange event that has just happened to you. Finally arriving at your school after pondering over the confusion of the past event, it didn't take long for you to notice the next strange thing, which was that no one at the school knew you and there was no evidence of you being at the school ever.

It took you quite a bit of effort and luck to convince the school that you weren't crazy but just mistaken, deciding to head back home to find out what is going on with your parents. In the end all that you found out was that you no longer exist in this world as a resident of it, you exist now but there is no past records or any relations. At this point where you were have your lowest comes a voice that states to you.

Otherworlder System Booted

Welcome to another world, caused by a disruption from minor gods and as such, you have been given a power to make it possible for you to make a life in this world that is similar to yours but isn't your world.

After the voice has stated this to you from nowhere but everywhere, blue faint screen appears in front of your eyes and moves around where your eyes are looking towards. On the blue screen is the basic information such as name, age 20 and other similar information, it is underneath that which is important to you with it being labelled as a skill.

World Judge Ability to change the laws, nature and understandings of the world to your whims. Experience level: Basic Needs more experience to be able to improve the skill and do more.

Able to make one minor changes to the world, such as apples are blue instead of green but not apples grow from ground or apples can talk.

There is three tiers of changes:

Basic: Minor changes that would cause residents to give a pause to ponder but not give it more than a glance.

Master: Average changes that would cause residents to have some trouble to accept but ends up accepting eventually with your power.

God: Full changes where residents would be normally impossible for them to accept but do with your power.

Prepare a living first

Mess around with some girls

Mess around with some boys

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