Shapeshifting Prostitute

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Title: Shapeshifting Prostitute

Summary: On an alternate Earth where a small percentage of the population is born with the gift of shapeshifting, one Shifter offers special services to pedophilic clients. In this gig, he becomes a boy who is disciplined by mommy.

Author: Bernd Lauert

Keywords: Fb, fd, ds, spank, fake-ped, fake-inc, ScFi, cons

Disclaimer: This is pornographic fiction. All characters and events are imaginary. It describes acts of hardcore pedophilia and discipline, but it's all really consenting adults roleplaying even within the fictional narrative. Read or avoid at your own discretion.

Shapeshifting Prostitute

My name is Merad Albert, and I am a shapeshifter. Born with a gift that is rare, but not unique, I have discreetly made a lot of money. Let's just say I never have to work again.

But my profession is not just about the money for me. It's my calling. I provide experiences to people who would never otherwise have them. Special experiences, for a hefty sum.

Today, I go by the name of Bobby. I always fully assume my role, my assigned identity. My clients send a dossier beforehand, and I become who I am supposed to be. My body today is that of a very handsome 11-year-old boy.

I'm at the house where I'm supposed to go, but 5 minutes later than instructed. I'm too late, but not really. The idea is that I'm supposed to show up at 12 o'clock, but the scenario requires me to be 5 minutes late. It makes me a bad boy who dawdles on his way home from school, and I know I will be punished for that.

I put a nervous look on my face and ring my client's doorbell. She opens a moment later.

My client is a 40-something-year-old woman, almost 50. Long brown hair, grey streaks colored vivid brunette to make her look younger. She wears elegant but conservative business clothes.

"It's about time you showed up! Don't just stand there! Come in!" Stern and demanding.

I bow my head and enter the house. She closes and locks the door behind me.

"What did we say about coming home late from school, Bobby??" She almost yells at me.

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I didn't mean to."

I sound genuinely scared and apologetic. My voice is that of a shy, timid boy. A specific voice, to go with a specific face. I studied his pictures and videos for hours yesterday, when I prepared for this gig. There is no introduction, no initial handshake. Our only contact so far was in writing.

"We've had this exact discussion yesterday! And what did we say would happen if you did it again??"

"I... I'd get punished." My voice is almost wavering, at the brink of tears. Try to be authentic, slightly dramatic, but don't overdo it.

"That's right. Strip down." Her tone is icy.

I put my backpack down, filled with school books, a prop for this gig. She even specified the brand. Then I start undressing. My jacket goes first, then my T-shirt. My 11-year-old bare chest comes into view, my nipples on display now. I slip out of my shoes, then take off my socks. Unzip and unbutton the jeans and pull them off. I'm only in my underpants now, the ones she had sent to me. Her real son's underwear, I assume, from when he was 11. I don't ask too many questions.

"Well?" she asks me sternly, when I hesitate for dramatic effect.

"Do I really have to, Mommy?"

I look up at her with a sad and concerned expression. The boy is a real cutie, and now my face reflects it. I am quite the look.

"Do it now or you'll get an extra spanking!"

She actually raises her hand, and I quickly proceed to take my remaining piece of clothing off. Now I'm wearing only my S bracelet. That one stays on. It's legally required while Shifting, to prevent criminal abuse of the gift and avoid misunderstandings.

I'm covering my hairless little cock and ballsack with my hands while staring at my naked toes, mortified. I actually manage to blush. I must look cute and sexy as fuck. She toussels my long brown hair.

"You know I love you, but you must learn to obey. A dawdler will never have a good job. I only want what's best for you. You understand that, right honey?"

I nod a shy nod, still staring at my feet. She lifts up my chin with her hand.

"Look at me." I do. "You know why you have to be punished?"

"So I learn to do better and be successful in life." An idiotic philosophy in my actual opinion, but I have a role to play. I wonder if she ever punished her real son this way, but then she probably wouldn't have wired all that money to my account.

"Why are you covering your cock?"

"I... I'm naked."

"Yes, that's the point of the punishment, you little idiot. Get your hands out of the way."

I put them slightly to the side, still half covering. Pretend reluctance.

"All the way! Put them behind your back!"

I do, and now she has a full view of my 11-year-old sack and dick. It's completely hairless down there, and the short preteen cock is almost fully erect. She grabs it and squeezes it hard.

"Would you look at that, my son has a stiffy while being punished. You are one naughty boy, aren't you?"

"I'm sorry, Mommy. I don't mean to be."

"To show such a shameful view to your own mother! Well, since you're so naughty and indecent, I have no choice but to spank you extra hard today."

My eyes well up a little.

"Yes, Mommy", I respond in shame and defeat.

"Go to the living room and bend over the table."

I have to check the doors to find which one is the right one. I'm sure it breaks the illusion a little, but she doesn't say anything. Once there, I bend over at the waist and rest my full upper body on the cool dark wood. The furniture looks elegant and expensive, my lewdly displayed, naked child body is a stark contrast to the upper class air of presentability.

"Spread your legs more. Wider. More!"

I do, and my shota balls are visible from behind under my waist. My erect little cock pushes against the table from below. I look up at Mommy, the side of my face pressed against the table's surface. I lick my lips so they are glistening, my mouth half opened. A pleading look is in my brown eyes.

"What are you going to do, Mommy?"

Instead of a response, I feel her cup my ballsack from behind. She fondles them gently for a few seconds, then squeezes down until I squeal and squirm in discomfort. I love hearing my own guttural sounds, this young voice is so sexy. Mommy slaps my hairless scrotum, hard stinging hits, one, two, three. I draw in sharp breaths and whimper from the pain.

Shifters can choose how much pain we want to feel; we can change the pain receptors in our tissue. Some of us go without pain for most of the time, regenerating small injuries as they come up. But I usually keep it natural. She doesn't know it, but she's really hurting me, inflicting pain on her little boy's nuts as punishment, and I love it.

Then she reaches down and plays with my little dick, tugging at the skin. I breathe hard and let her have her way with my preteen body.

Suddenly, she hits my ass cheeks with her flat hand. The hit sounds loud in the large living room.

"Count them", she demands.

"One", I am quick to obey.

Swat after swat rains down on my unprotected small butt. One after one I count them up to twenty. My ass is really sore, warm and red.

"Will you come home late from school again, honey?"

"No, Mommy, I promise I won't!"

"Will you be on time next time?"

"I swear, Mommy, I swear!"

She rubs my reddend naked boy ass.

"Will you dawdle on me again without my permission?"

"No Mommy, never again!"

"Hm... I don't think you're quite convinced yet. Spread your ass cheeks."

I reach back with my hands and pull them apart. Mommy has a perfect view of her little boy's 11-year-old asshole now. She spits on her middle finger and starts worming it in. My sphincter spasms around her intruding digit and I moan uncomfortably.

"What are you doing, Mommy?"

I try to look at her from the side of my eyes, bending my neck. But she's outside my field of view, right behind me.

"Shut up, you little idiot. First you're late, then you show me a boner, and now you're questioning my education? Do you want another spanking?"

"No, Mommy, I'm sorry."

"Then hold still and take it like a man."

That almost makes me laugh, but I just lie there and take it as instructed. She now has her full finger inside me and starts worming it around.

When I Shift into a child body for a gig, I always make sure that my orifices are tight but fully penetrateable and fuckable. Even my shota asshole is a little bit more slick and moist than that of a real boy. It welcomes her intrusion. She pulls out, only to add a second finger. Soon she's finger-fucking me deep and hard with both at once.

"Mmmmh!", I protest, then I whimper and moan.

She reaches down and puts an iron grip on my cock and balls with her left hand, crushing them while fucking me.

"Oh! Oooow, Mommy you're hurting me!"

She chuckles.

"That's the whole point of the punishment, you little idiot."

Her grip gives way to gentle wanking. Wanking and finger-fucking. I almost ride it out to orgasm, but then she hits my ballsack hard multiple times without warning. My little dick is slapped painfully against the wooden underside of the table.

"Aaah! Ow, Mommy, ow!"

She never stops finger-fucking me, though. Perverted sloshing sounds come from my boy pussy. Finally she withdraws, walks around to my face and shoves her moist fingers between my half-opened lips. I resist at first, try to close my mouth in mock protest, but she grabs my brown hair in a fist and looks at me sternly. Finally I give in and suck the slimy fingers clean, long and thoroughly. I made sure I'm clean down there in preparation, but it still tastes of ass. Mommy rubs her fingers against my face until all the spit and moisture is transferred. Her beautiful boy's features are soiled for her amusement.

"Okay you little shit, that was the first part of your punishment. Time for a little memento."

She takes out her mobile phone, and I realize she's going to take a picture.

"Time out", I quickly interject. It's the phrase we agreed on in our contract to interrupt the role playing.

"Sorry, I can't let you take any footage of this form."

"What? Why?"

"It's against the law to produce Shifter footage of identifiable people. I assumed the likeness of the boy you wanted, but that means you can't take pictures or videos. It's not legal. Impersonating a real individual is only allowed in a private setting."

It's so weird to hear such formal language come out of my mouth in the voice of this cute little 11-year-old.

"So? This is a private setting. I'm not going to put these on Facebook. I just want them for myself."

"I'm sorry, but it's still illegal to take them. I pointed this out explicitly in the contract. If you wanted footage, you should have chosen a boy who doesn't exist, living or dead. I came straight here from my hotel room in a private car, and even that is a grey area. If I went shopping with this face, I could go to jail. Pictures and videos are very much out of the question."

My client sighs.

"Fine then. Let's not kill the mood any further. Game on?"

I nod. That was not the agreed-upon phrase, but whatever.

I don't like interrupting my role play, ever. The best gigs are the ones where I'm in character from beginning to the end, and there's no personal communication other than that. But sometimes it just can't be helped.

I look up at her from my undignified position on the table with my mouth open.

"I still deserve punishment?? After all this? What are you going to do next, Mommy?"

The fear in my voice is delicious. I put a look of utter disbelief on her son's face.

She takes off her shoes and socks and sits down on a large armchair.

"Kneel before me."

I obey, my erect 11-year-old dick pointing proudly upward. She uses her naked foot to play with it.

"Down on all fours now."

Once I've lowered myself, she pushes her bare sole against my boy face.


I lick at her feet, reluctant small laps with my young tongue.

"Do it better or you'll get another spanking. This is still part of your punishment. You must be punished for being a naughty boy, and I still see that boner of yours. If you don't learn to be decent, then I must make you learn it."

"Yes Mommy."

I lick all over her foot now with enthusiasm. She's sweaty, but I don't mind. The humiliation turns me on.

"Now suck on my toes. Take as many of them into your mouth at once as possible."

I gorge myself on her naked toes. I manage to push the four small ones into my mouth at the same time, but her big toe doesn't fit togehter with the rest. I suck very thoroughly on it with love and dedication to make up for the partial failure.

"Not bad. Now the other foot."

I spend five more minutes delivering the same service again.

My client gets up and starts undressing. I stay down on all fours like a dog, not daring to sit up without permission.

"W-what are you doing, Mommy?", I ask with uncertainty in my young voice. Like I don't understand why a woman might want to get naked when she is punishing a naked boy.

"My feet aren't the only things you're going to lick, you little idiot."

Once she's fully undressed, she sits down again with her waist at the edge of the seating and her legs spread very wide. I'm still a low form of life before her, on the floor, my head and gaze lowered in shame.

"Look at me, little shit."

I raise my eyes and take in her naked form. She's well-built but without being fat. Her age is showing on her body, but she's an attractive woman overall. Her medium-sized tits sag just a little.

"Don't look at my face. Look at my cunt. That's where you came out of. And that's what you're going to lick next as punishment."

I stare at her in shock, my shota mouth wide open.

"Do.... do I really have to, Mommy? I was just a little late!"

"Okay, we're going to do another spanking now."

She pretends to get up, and I quickly interrupt her.

"No, Mommy, I'll do it! I'll do it! It's okay, I'll lick it!"

Now I stare long and hard at her pussy, as if I had never seen one up close before.

Her bush has been trimmed, except for a neat elongated strip of pubic hair right above her vulva. For an absurd moment, the face of Hitler enters my mind's eye and I have to struggle hard to suppress the deranged giggle that wants to bubble out of my throat.

I stifle myself by diving into her moist pussy, mushing my lips and nose against it and rubbing them all over her warm softness. I open my mouth and start lapping at her outer labia, then against her clitoral hood. Soon I lick and suck vigorously at her love button.

"That's it, you little shit. That's your proper punishment. My beautiful stupid little dawdler."

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