School of Dominant & Submissive

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The world has changed and now their are two class of people, Dominant and Submissive. Every child at the age of 9 takes a test to see which one of those they fall in. Those tests will put either in the School of Dominant or the School of Submissive. The dominants are the ones that rule countries, become millionaires, actors/actress and basically everything that makes you a success, while the submissive school are taught to be trophy wife/husband, secretaries and even lower more adult jobs such as pornstars, strippers and escorts.

This was made so that either gender, race or sexuality is discriminated against and the world has seen to be a more peaceful place. However their are punishment for failure to comply or if you are not living up to what you have assigned to do. Despite this, most people around the world has seem to accept this new way and a lot of crime and war has ended. You are just a kid named Ashley, who is set to find out what school you are going to go until you are eighteen. Living at the boarding school as well as learning each of the lessons that will take place and in the end, learning your role in the world as a whole.