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This is my third (and probably final) attempt to use the poll system to provide an interesting and unique experience for my readers. This is a traditional story, but the next installment's content will be decided by vote. Unlike my first attempt; only the general direction of the story will be put up for vote (but I do encourage suggestions). Unlike my second attempt; it doesn't require suggestions. Without further ado:

Profiles in Power

Director Salazar entered his new office. The room was simple, but commanding. The large desk in front of the back wall lent an air of authority to the seat behind it. The lack of a window in the office hinted at the secrecy that the agency worked under . . . and it is sort of necessary when you're fifteen floors beneath the sands of one of the worlds most desolate regions. Diego walked to the desk and picked up is name placard . . . Director Salazar. It had a nice ring to it. He scanned the bookshelf that took up the majority of the wall behind the desk. That would have to go. It was a good symbol of what the agency had been; but his appointment heralded a new direction for the secret organization. He almost laughed as he had that thought. The very idea of not naming an agency to assure its secrecy had always seemed absurd to him; but now it made sense in a way. He walked around the desk and sat down.

Pressing the intercom button, he said, "Send me agent Burke."

"Right away, Director Salazar," replied the disembodied voice of his assistant Rachael. Rachael was a young attractive woman with a lot of intelligence, ambition, and . . . well . . . a smoking body. He wondered if it would be wise to pursue the possibility of a physical relationship. His wife, while attractive, had begun to bore him again. With his daughter away in college, that left him without a sexual partner . . . and he certainly didn't want another incest baby scare, regardless.

While he was musing, the door opened and Agent Burke walked in. The man was totally nondescript; as was fitting an agent of the Agency. If you were to pass him in the street, you wouldn't give him a second thought. It made sense, though. He was the Agency's best field agent. Stanley Burke wasn't his original name of course; just as Diego Salazar wasn't his own. The man came to attention in front of Diego's desk saying, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

"Yes," he replied, "bring me all the files for Omega Class events."

Burke raised an eyebrow. While he obviously had an inkling of Diego's plans; the director wasn't really sure from his expression what the seasoned agent felt about what he had reasoned out . . . not that it mattered. Like the exceptional agent that he was, his face went back to normal in an instant as he responded with a quick, "Right away, sir!", turned and left the office. It was necessary to get an agent to get the files, as only the director, agents, and the Librarian were allowed access to the central AI. Diego wasn't about to go himself.

Burke returned less than five minutes later with a flash drive. Diego took the drive, and cracked it open for the secret information crystal hidden within. He placed the infinitesimal crystal on the magical display that was disguised a nearly spherical glass paperweight. Information immediately sprang to being above the Magitech device showing the research the agency had on the most powerful beings on the Earth. That had been all the agency had done . . . investigated these powerful beings. Now that would change. Now they would act. First, however, he needed to read up on these beings. Who to start with though . . .

Omega Class Events:

DANGER! Omega Class Entities. Do not engage!

  • Codename: Chronos - (5 Pages) - an incident where Ethan Moore, a nine year old boy, gains the power to control the flow of time.
  • Codename: Cyberscape - an incident where ____ gains the power to control electronics, and discovers that cyberspace is a real place.
  • Codename: Exchange - an incident where ____ discovers the power to trade absolutely anything.
  • Codename: Fatetaker - an incident where ____ gains the power to manipulate probability.
  • Codename: Frankenstein - an incident where ____ gains the power to disassemble and reassemble anything without regard to its original orientation and without harming the objects function, nor the function of its individual parts.
  • Codename: The Hidden - an incident where ____ gains the power to hide from all senses.
  • Codename: Krampus - (1 Pages) - an incident where ____ becomes Krampus, tasked with punishing the bad little children at Christmas.
  • Codename: Magus - an incident where ____ gains access to powerful ancient magic.
  • Codename: Master - an incident where ____ gains mastery of an all powerful djinni.
  • Codename: Object of Desire - an incident where ____ gains an irresistible allure to other . . . even when undesirable.
  • Codename: Overmind - an incident where ____ gains the power to control minds.
  • Codename: Santa - (3 Pages) - an incident where ____ becomes Santa Claus, tasked with rewarding the good little children at Christmas.
  • Codename: Shifter - an incident where ____ gains the power to change shape.
  • Codename: Soulswapper - an incident where ____ gains the power to swap bodies and later, possess others.
  • Codename: Trustmaker - an incident where ____ gains a state where everything they say is believed to be the absolute truth.

Leaving time for more suggestions before I post a poll. Please feel free to make suggestions on the discussion page.



  • Concept: Codename: Chronos
  • Second Choice: Invalidated through bad voting practices
  • MC Sex: Male
  • MC Age: Tie - Toddler (2-3) and Prepubescent (7-10). I will be the tiebreaker and choose Prepubescent; but to give merit to the vote for toddler there will be a prominent toddler character.
  • MC Family: A medium family [Parent(s) and 2-3 children]


If you want to contribute to this collection of stories; I would be open to it. The stories need to:

  • Occur in the same universe.
  • Be about the acquisition and use of a great deal of power.
  • Be linear (no branching).

You can write them however you want to. If you want to follow my style of voter based choice; or go off on your own; do it your way. You can use one of the "incidents" above, or one of your own. Most importantly; ASK ME before you start writing. I'm open; but I don't want just anybody contributing to this collection (no offense intended). --Elerneron (talk) 09:35, 23 November 2018 (CET)