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It was such a dumb idea. A family reunion in the middle of nowhere. No phone, no TV, no video games, no internet, no porn, basically nothing to pass the time if you were forced to make a week go by quickly. Just a boatload of blood relatives in the overgrowth of the wilderness. A teenager's nightmare. You've been stuck on this bus for at least 2 hours and you haven't seen pavement for half of that let alone any other sign of civilization. You hardly know anyone here, almost all of your family having come in from elsewhere, yourself included. The only thing you have going for you is you're one of very few people who really know where you're going.

You went on a rafting trip with your dad and one of your uncles a couple of years ago, before you had hair on your balls (a favorite expression of theirs, and only recently applicable to you). There were a couple other people too, but they hardly matter. It wasn't a tour, just some friends exploring rarely used waters. The idea then was one of adventure, to spend a night on the river roughing it, camping out beside the riverbank. But you ended up stumbling across some sort of long abandoned summer camp or hunting lodge; there's still debate about what it was. A bunch of little cabins in varying states of disrepair were clamoured together back from the shore, almost entirely out of sight from the water, an isolated little camp off a quiet bend in the river with a small inviting beach and a few little clearings for campfires and gatherings.

It was cool to find it by total accident, but uncle Dave made it his mission to show it off to the whole family. And that's why you're now on this overgrown "road" surrounded by increasingly agitated relatives. Already there have been empty threats to turn around. The first was when the bus nearly got stuck. The second was when you were scraping against the side of a hill to avoid falling off a freaking cliff. It's no wonder people stopped coming out here. But uncle Dave pressed on in a jeep ahead of the bus helping to carve out a path through the thick bush.

It's hard to say if you'll make it back alive, but running on the assumption that you will at least arrive intact, you start thinking about which cabin you want to claim. That's where you have the leg up, since almost no one knows what's out there. Most of the cabins are pretty large (for what they are) allowing a half dozen to fit in comfortably using the floor alone. And there are a few on the edge of camp you wouldn't mind bunking in, but you remember this one crappy little hut you stumbled across far away from all the rest. It's probably in the worst shape, but it would also have the least supervision and that instantly makes it the best one.

"I'm totally taking the downstream cabin for myself," you announce to your parents. Best to stake your claim as plainly and as loudly as you can.

"No you're not," dad quickly counters.

"Dad! Come on! It's not even a good cabin! Just let me take it!"

He raises an eyebrow at your whining. "I know which one you're talking about. That's not the point. It's pretty far away from the main camp."

"Like a minute away! Tops!" If you're running maybe...

"Besides," dad continues, "you're not exactly embracing the idea of this trip if you stay out there; getting to know your family. You should at least buddy up with someone. I don't care who. We're spending a week here, Justice. You can't just ditch everyone to goof off in the woods by yourself. I'd rather you stay out of trouble."

"Are there even enough cabins for you to be alone?" Mom chimes in. "Maybe you could take Emma with you."

You openly groan at that suggestion. Your little sister is hardly good company. At least since your plan was less to goof off and more to jerk off. But seriously, you could have done anything you wanted while isolated - run around naked, play survivalist, burn down the cabin, whatever came to you - but having to drag someone along kind of kills that freedom,especially your sister. She's several years younger than you and you hardly have anything in common. Then again, Emma might be a safe option since at least you know your sister and you're pretty sure she wouldn't rat you out if you did get up to something. And since you've hardly even met most of the people on this bus it's hard to say who you'd get on with.

"Lemme think about it," you grumble, not wanting to argue. A roommate wouldn't be terrible if it's the right person. Just need to sort out what options you have.

You look up and down the bus for the hundredth time, but now with a purpose as opposed to boredom. There aren't many kids here your age which severely limits your viable bunking buddies. You nix Wade right away since his family brought their dog. You'd rather not deal with that much responsibility or popularity if the dog stayed at your cabin. But the only other cousin really close to your age is Nicole.

Nicole might be a bit younger than you (it's been a while so you can't remember) but maybe just a grade. The last time you saw her you definitely didn't have hair on your balls. She was just some other miscellaneous playmate before, but now she's a nerdy looking teen, long brunette ponytail, glasses, plainly dressed, narrow face, head in a book, looking as uninteresting as she is disinterested by everything that's happening. Gotta admit, she seems kinda boring now. You do remember having fun with her once upon a time, but you'd never hang out with her if she went to your school.

You're not exactly popular yourself, but you've definitely been trying to become cooler after you hit puberty. Specifically, ever since you got pantsed and showcased your sizable bush to the whole gym. You'd think a bunch of awkward kids who themselves were going through the same changes would be kinder, but that wasn't your luck. The teasing that followed brought you to trim that shit real fast and pay an awful lot more attention to not just how people see you, but how people look in general. A result of the short-lived PTSD that accompanied the ever-present threat of a pantsing around every corner, you've kept your bush trimmed real short ever since. Not that you'd ever expect that to matter if you were bunking with Nicole, not least of which being she's your cousin, but she's probably as straight laced and conservative as she looks. Despite the prospect of bunking with Nicole for a week being kinda lame at first glance, you'd still probably be able to talk to and relate with her more than anyone else, assuming she's the talking type.

Next best choice looks like Jet. He's definitely a bit older than you which means he might not want to spend a whole week on a hard floor beside you. You wouldn't blame him really; it's the same thought you have with your sister. But he definitely looks cool and he probably wouldn't mind getting away from everyone else given the opportunity. Although it looks like he brought his girlfriend along on this trip which could complicate your sales pitch. They might have even more reason than most to want some privacy. Then again they might not even spend any time at the cabin. Maybe you can sell the benefits of bunking with you based on your inside knowledge of the camp, act like their guide, and then send them away so you can have total free reign of the cabin while they go off and do whatever stuff that couples go do together.

You guess the next closest in age to you is a kid near the back. You can't even remember his name, but he looks as young as your sister. Not promising, but after him everyone else is either younger still or older than Jet. At least you could play the role of cool cousin for the week with this kid. As long as he isn't annoying.

None of this is a done deal though. You need to convince someone to bunk with you before you arrive and you have to be getting close to the camp by now. Who should you talk to?

Nerdy Nicole

Cool cousin Jet

Kid in the back

Just settle for Emma, your sister Request --Notsooldpervert (talk) 20:37, 31 August 2018 (CEST)