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Riley couldn’t help but wander into his father’s grand library once more as his parents had headed out for the day, leaving him to be cared for by his clutz of a teenage, human babysitter, Sharon. The sheer scale and lavishness of the room was enough alone to make him awestruck, even if he had been in there plenty times before. The little anthro dragon just simply couldn’t get over the ceiling-high shelves of books from all ages, or the mosaics that lines the ceiling, or the massive, stone statues that peered down at him in the very center of the cylindrical room. He was already rather tiny to begin with, what with his 40” stature and slim build, an oddity for his reptilian kind considering most would be quite muscular, even at his youthful age of 6. The size of the looming space only added to the feeling of smallness.

However, he planned to change that with this specific visit to the library. Well, at least in one way.

Though his many travels into the place consisted of merely browsing, his mission on the occasion was to seek out a certain spell book that he had remembered spotting last he was there before Sharon had discovered him. This time, he made sure to lock the front door behind him to prevent it from happening before his plan was complete.

It hadn’t taken long for little Riley to find the book he was scouring for, the gold-embroidered words in the spine and on the cover being unmistakable, spelling out “Styzor’s Sex Spells”.

An enormous mirror was propped up nearby, and he decided to take a gander at his own reflection for a bit. Yellow-green eyes pierced the dimness of the room, spiraling horns jutted from his head, small wings poked from his shoulder blades, and grass-green scales lined his mostly-naked body from head to toe, clad in nothing much more than a pair of too-small boxers that outlined the fair-sized bulge of his member a little too noticeably. Yet, he didn’t care. It wouldn’t be too long before that bulge wasn’t simply fair-sized anyway.

He flipped through the ancient pages of the book, halting at one spell in particular that he had seen before. Without hesitation, he began reciting the old English words in a whisper to himself. Most of it he could barely understand, but that didn’t seem to matter as he started to feel a tingle emit from somewhere inside him as he finished the passage.

Riley let out a slight gasp as the tingling grew more and more intense by the second, moving down to his crotch. He dropped the book, stumbling back and landing on his rump as new sensations flooded his body all at once. A tightening feeling came from his crotch as the bulge began to swell, cloth stretching more and more. He laid a hand on it, moaning slightly as it was sensitive to even the smallest touch. The bulge grew to something of a hill, than a mountain, and soon, the fabric tore away altogether, revealing the little dragon’s enormous new cock.

But it didn’t halt there.

It throbbed in erection, pointing to the ceiling as veins pulsed under its pinkish skin. Riley couldn’t help but begin to stroke it as it continued to gain mass, a series of subtle moans escaping the boy’s mouth from so many good sensations that he started to enjoy more than anything he ever felt before. He never wanted it to end, and it felt like it never would.

The shaft of his massive member filled his grip and the space between his thighs in seconds, towering far beyond any dick he had seen before. His moans grew louder and louder as he tightened his hold, both hands around its iron hardness. It was nothing but sheer ecstasy in that very moment, hands surging across his roaring, red cock that aimed toward the sky. Moans turned to yelps as the tension grew, the tightening and tingling across his body turning to burning sensations, hot feelings that enveloped him in their warmth that he desired to keep alive for as long as he could.

Time seemed to fade into nothing, and it was simply Riley and his newfound toy. Up and down and up and down, his hands repeated the motion again and again, faster and faster, but the tension only intensified with each stroke, his dick appearing as if it would kiss the ceiling, glowing bright red in its heated state.

Then, the climax had come.

It felt like a tidal wave had washed over the little dragons body, dragging with it all of the good sensations that had flooded him before. A stream of sticky cum spewed from his member overhead, dripping down the shaft and some of it even arching across the room. He laid on his back, chest heaving and breath panting as his body finally unwinded from whatever he had been struck with. An orgasm, if he remembered correctly, and a mighty one at that. Nonetheless, it left a bright smile across his reptilian snout.

But, there was something that was off.

Riley sat up once again, only to be met with his titanic erection. Now that he had the chance to examine it, it stood at least a good foot, if not more, and was twice as thick as his arms. Its skin was still red, and small veins still pulsed across it.

Why was it still standing? As far as he could tell, once the climax had been reached, it should’ve been rendered flaccid again. All the feelings from before were nearly gone. So what happened?

“Riley?” the little dragon suddenly heard a voice called out. It was Sharon, no doubt already being in the library as her word echoed through the room. She must’ve had a key.

Darn. Looked like he was busted.

“There you are, R-” Sharon started as she rounded the corner. Riley peered back, eyes locking with hers accidentally. Silence reigned for the longest time, Sharon taking tiny steps forward while Riley remained utterly still, unable to think of what to do.

Sharon finally reached his side, still standing tall and in obvious shock above him. Despite the expression on her face, the angle did give the little dragon quite the view. He had to admit, even at 15, Sharon had a lovely body, with creamy skin and soft curves that she always showed off in her miniskirt-and-midriff tank top outfits and plush C-cup breasts that she always let him lay on when he felt tired. Her figure was only supported by the fact that, in that moment, Riley was able to take a gander at what lie under her yellow skirt, noticing a pair of pink panties that seemed rather tight around her cunny.

The tingling sensation started to return.

“H-How…?” Sharon muttered sometime later, sitting hard on her ass beside the dragon, legs splayed in a V. It was obvious to Riley that she wasn’t hiding anything, skirt lifted to her waist and her right hand beginning to probe around the fabric of her panties.

She must’ve been feeling the same sensations as well.

Riley found himself on all fours before he knew it, crawling slowly over to Sharon as he felt the warm feelings wash over his body in waves once more. The head of his foot-long cock hovered just below his chin, almost like an arrow pointing him in the direction to go: Straight toward his babysitter’s succulent button.

“Riley, sweetie…?” Sharon panted, her fingers moving themselves over her crotch. “Would you...like to try something new…?”

The little dragon nodded eagerly, awaiting the chance to find out what she meant as the feelings intensified quicker than they had before. He felt his body become encased in the immense heat and tingling, but deciding against stroking his throbbing cock again. He desired to know what Sharon was up to, what she had in store for a young boy like him.

“Here…” Sharon beckoned, her pants escalating to heavy breaths. “Come here, sweetie… Come here… I wanna show you something…”

Riley followed her seductive command, crawling quickly over until he had himself positioned mere inches away from Sharon’s lovely body, as close as he could possibly get with his penis towering between them. He peered in her lusty eyes, her cheek rosy red and her breaths escaping as huffing clouds. He peered down, finding that she had moved the fabric from her panties aside completely, exposing her clean-shaven, aroused pussy in full view.

The sensations only grew, and his cock went along with them a little more.

“Riley…?” Sharon breathed, rubbing her fingers across her clit. “Put it… Put it in here… Please, sweetie…”

The instructions were vague, but Riley knew exactly was she meant. He grabbed the titan of a cock and aimed it at Sharon’s pussy. It felt wrong at first, but then, as the burning and lust for a partner grew, all other thoughts had drained away. He wanted, and only wanted, the beautiful body of his babysitter.

He needed it.

Without anymore hesitation, he thrust his rock-hard member right into Sharon, the girl letting out a sharp gasp and a yelp, followed by panting moans of sheer pleasure. The dragon knew he was doing it correctly, bringing out and in again and getting a feel for the pattern. It felt far, far better than simply using his hands, the tight squeeze of the inside of her pussy gliding across and amplifying the burning heat across his body more than he had felt before.

The two gasped and moaned and panted and yelp in sync, the tension building with each thrust, and each thrust driving Riley new cock deeper and deeper into Sharon’s cunt. The babysitter laid back, arching her spine as Riley continued his vigorous action. She ran her hands up the length of her body, taking one of Riley’s and snaking it under the hem of her top. It wasn’t long before the dragon met the shape of one of her luscious orbs without the constraints of any bra, her nipples hardened and nearly bursting from the tin fabric of the shirt. She led his scaly hand across the smooth surface of her tits, guiding his fingers to play with her nipples.

Riley gained the feel for it all quickly after, rubbing roughly at her tender nipples and letting another powerful moan escape her mouth. His pushing became harder, harder, digging himself deeper into her. He squeezed his eyes shut, the energy and ecstasy being passed between them being almost too much to handle. He wrapped his free arm around her back, bringing himself close enough to brace himself against her toned belly like he might explode from it all.

But, he had to keep going, he just knew it. For his sake and Sharon’s sake.

Time melted away once more, followed by space as it was nothing but he and his babysitter, locked in a game of powerful pleasure. He felt her arms wrap around him, pulling him even closer as he gained speed with every rep. Moans had turned into wails, and yelps had turned to howls. The tension grew tighter than Riley could ever imagine.

Then, with one final thrust, the little dragon drove the entirety of his dick into Sharon’s cunny, all the sensation exploding from the both of them all at once.

Sharon finally relaxed, Riley falling on top of her as he felt the subtle warmth of cum pouring from his cock just as he exited. Or maybe some of it was from Sharon. Either way, he knew it was an excellent ending to an excellent journey through the world of intimacy.

“W-Wow…” Sharon wheezed, a wide smile spreading across her face as Riley set his head in her bosom, quite exhausted. “That… That was amazing, sweetie… Thank you…”

Riley smiled to himself, knowing he has pleased both her and himself as he steadily began to drift asleep. He would definitely have lovely dreams that night.