Memoir of a Child Slut

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This isn't a happy story. I've dealt with plenty of hardship in my life. Hardly anyone wants to be a slut and no one is born that way. It's something you turn into over time. It takes a strong willed person to weather the storm that brings you to that lonely island of depravity and then keep going. It doesn't always happen on purpose, but at a certain point you get stranded there. Unless someone rescues you there's no turning back. And sometimes, even with a boat waiting to take you away from that stormy island, you just don't want to leave.

With the right encouragement at the right time from the right people, who are sometimes the worst people, I firmly believe anyone can become an utter sexual degenerate like me.

To be honest, slut island is a pretty shitty place chock full of hard learned lessons about yourself. Sometimes you get betrayed. Sometimes you get hurt. That's just life I suppose. But everything that happens in life helps shape who you become. You can learn so much from those around you, and as you learn more about yourself you can unlock special powers you never knew you had. With the right series of mentors you can become someone truly special. I know I did.

Chapter 1: My First Mentor

Chapter 2: Summer Vacation

Chapter 3: Loss

Chapter 4: My Second Mentor

Chapter 5: A Talented Sitter

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Fighting Over a Boy