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The Mark of Fate

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There is a strange coin. This coin is, in style, much like a German Mark; but it is no simple mark. Crafted by the svartalfar (dwarves) for you Norns: Urd who makes fate, Verdandi who rules the present, and Skuld who knows the future; this silver coin holds a great and terrible power. Throughout the ages since the reign of Asgard, the mark has passed from hand to hand, giving it's blessing and curse. Time touches not the mark. It does not tarnish. It does not wear. No force on Midgard can harm it. The Aesir passed into legend, but the mark remained, casting its fate on each generation in turn. The mark has traveled to every corner of Midgard, and touched the fate of all who have cast it.

When it is cast (flipped) by a mortal, the side that it lands on will tell their fate for the coming day. At midnight the Mark will cast itself again. Between these times he whose fate is being marked will always get the same result should he try to cast the mark again. If another casts the mark, it is their fate that it will mark until midnight next. Should the mark land face up, fate will favor the one marked. Luck will be with him. Opportunity will find him. And, most powerful of all, all who see him will do anything that he asks or commands. Should the mark land face down, the reverse is true. Luck will elude him. Misfortune will find him. And the he must do anything he is asked or told to do.

Such is the fickle nature of Urd . . . such is the nature of all three of you Norns.

Whose fate is it to next find the mark, oh Urd?

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Ethan Dunn

About the Story

This story is a bit lighter than my usual game/stories. I hope this will make it more attractive to other writers. I welcome writers to contribute, either with their own storyline, or adding to my own.

I am willing to write some scenes on request. To make a request, edit the page and put the following code after your requested option '''(Request)''' --~~~~. There is no need to sign this as the signature is part of that code. I won't promise a prompt fulfillment of requests however. --Elerneron (talk) 16:07, 26 February 2017 (CET)