Life of a 13 year old- Secretly cum inside Jessie because what she doesn't know can't hurt her right?

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"You love my cock Jessie", you say boldly, "Don't you regret being such a bitch to me?"

"Yeah, sure.", she says between moans of pleasure, "Just don't stop fucking my pussy.". At this point, you feel the familiar clenching at the base of your cock. Although you know you promised to not ejaculate inside her, it's too hard to resist.

Your thrusts quicken and deepen to the point where the head of your penis lines straight up with the doughnut like hole of her uterus.

"Are you about to cum?", Jessie asks.

"No of course not, I promised i'd pull out.", you assure her.

"Remember not to cum in me, I’m in mid cycle right now..."

"Uuuuhhhh...don’t worry Jessie, I won’t..."

Unfortunately for her, you’re already spurting in her before she could finish what she is saying. You keep sliding your cock in and out of her as to not arouse suspicion, bearing the painful sensitivity of your prick as you keep working it in and out of her…stroking…spurting…stroking…spurting…more and more cum erupting out of your dick, filling her rich, spoiled little cunt with your potent seed without her even realizing… Your cum mixes with her own juices left over from countless orgasms, making her so slippery as to be nearly frictionless.

Looking down, you can see white jizz leak out of her wet hole and glaze your cock. "Uh…wow, Jessie, you’re really wet…my cock must be really turning you on!" You hope your flimsy cover story would work. You’re pretty sure she hasn't noticed the hard spasms of your cock mere seconds before…

"Mmmm…it sure does Alex! I’m all wet just for you. Just remember not to cum in me, okay?".

"No problem, Jessie. I promise I won’t.". You flip her on her stomach so you can hammer her doggy style with her face mashed into the sheets.

"Who wins the bet?", you taunt.

"Y-you do.", she replies somewhat begrudgingly.


"You, Alex.". This time a little less.

"Say it louder you cock slut!"

"You! Alex! You! You win the bet. You own my pussy. This cunt belongs to you!.". At last, she gives up all resistance as she screams through yet another blissfully ignorant orgasm.

Satisfied with her answer, you already feel your second orgasm fast approaching. The thought of her warm velvety cunt wrapped around her cock and taking your seed is so hot, your balls seemed to have produced another full load.

You say: