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This is definitely one of the less convenient things about this cheat. You really are constantly on edge and ready to burst at all times as though you have not ejaculated at all in over a week, even by a nocturnal emission, at your teenage rate of producing sperm. It actually kinda drives you crazy a little to try to hold this back. You can feel the drive to fire your load even in your back teeth. However, with your enhanced mental stats, you are sure you can will it down to some kinda extent.

You consciously bare down really hard with your cremaster muscle, a feat that fewer than 1 in 50 guys ever even figure out how to do at all. Essentially, you are using an internal muscle to actually block the path of the sperm from your balls to your prostate. You can somehow tell this is just in time too, the little swimmers were actually on their way up. It takes truly massive levels of focus to continue fucking Billy while also keeping your cremaster muscle holding back the waves of semen beating at the doors to release.

With yourself already so far gone, you wind up increasing the pace of your fucking despirately trying to get Billy to cum. Your pace becomes actively furious as you actually feel your dick beginning to pulse inside her. There is no fluid coming out due to your excellent control over your reproductive muscles, but if you were not baring down so hard you would definitely be filling her with your stuff right now. Billy is still only at the level of whimpering and panting though, still a ways off from reaching her own climax. You realize you are going to need to do more to work for this.

Since your penis size has adjusted to her due to your "perfect fit cock" cheat, you are able to bury it to the hilt inside her and are able to grind your pelvis hard against her clit. Meanwhile, you reach up with both hands under her sweater hoodie top to begin roughly mauling her flat chest. The feeling of your hands on the bare skin of her chest seems to startle her a little, and even though she has absolutely nothing there she begins reacting as though you actually are rubbing some sensitive just-developing breasts. In addition to this, you also bend yourself down to kiss her on the lips. It is a little difficult with how small she is compared to you, but you are just able to lean her back so her head flops back over the motion sensor for the automatic toilet flush, thus bowing out her body while you arch your back, and this allows you to reach your lips to where hers are.

Billy lets out another whimper that seems kinda scared and surprised. This is a bit endearing in a way, incredibly cute, as she experiences her first pleasure of being a girl and being kissed by a boy. However, it is impossible to enjoy how heart-melting such a scene is while also holding back your cum, and frankly you would rather not have to force down your ability to enjoy such a moment. You allow the pleasant tingles to wash over you as you relax the muscles holding back your orgasm. In an instant, your sperm are freed up and go flying toward your prostate, and as soon as the sperm hits your prostate the machinery starts working. Your ejaculatory duct begins forcing them into your eurethra to join with the neutrient fluids from your seminiferous glands, and your semen now properly mixed travels down your shaft and then with one pulse after another it splashes against the cervix of the 8 year old already pregnant and no longer gender confused girl.

Instead of dedicating your mental energy to keep from cumming, you have made a decision. You have "infinite semen" after all, as well as that "no refractory period" cheat. With this realization, you feel it really was ridiculous to keep yourself from cumming in the first place. With those two cheats, it no longer has to end just because you cum inside her. All it means is that it's going to be a little more messy, and you are already fucking her while she is leaking your previous loads anyway.

You let out a moan into Billy's mouth as your orgasm begins, and you begin grinding against her clit even harder as you gently rock your hips inside her in conjunction with each pulse of semen entering her body. You can feel your stuff shooting out back against your balls with each ejaculation. With your "perfect fit" cock, you are just about the perfect size to seal her entrance. If you had a normal size ejaculation, it's possible nothing would leak out at all. However, due to the size of your augmented ejaculation, this winds up meaning that instead of oozing out around your conjoined genitals it shoots out with a force as though you jammed your thumb into a running garden hose. You are forced to wonder, if your balls were not directly in the path of the spray, just how far would it go? At any rate, it is a good thing you took off Billy's pants, otherwise with almost all of your semen winding up on the outside of your balls and then dripping straight down, it would all be winding up adding to the mess in her shorts. Now, though, it's making a giant puddle on the floor.

Despite everything you are doing to assault Billy's young body from every angle to give her pleasure, she is still quite distracted by the feeling of your stuff going inside her. The moment the first blast is fired, her whole body jerks and she lets out a whimper into your mouth. You can see her trying to look down toward where your loins meet, but your body is in the way completely and she's hardly able to move at all. Eventually, she seems to just give up. However, you can feel her body starting to give a bit of a change. She is definitely breathing heavier, and she is acting in a way that's almost like she's scared. You recognize these immediately as her approaching her first orgasm and not knowing what it is she's experiencing.

After a little while of this, the pulses of your ejaculation start to slow down. They never completely stop however. With the realization that Billy is starting to get close and that you are about to actually make a girl cum for the first time, you start into your second climax on the tail of your first. This is a feat normally impossible for guys, reserved only for girls, but with infinite semen and zero refractory period it becomes possible. Not only that, but the second one seems to have every bit as much thick slimy viscous seminal fluids as the first. This is definitely breaking some kind of rules of physics. At any rate, it frees you up to continue your ministrations on Billy's body in order to try and push her over the edge.

"Open your mouth," you tell her in a second when you separate your lips. She still appears to be rather distracted by everything that's going on, but she obediently complies and opens her mouth wide enough for you to count her teeth, clearly not knowing what you have in mind to ask her to do such a thing but complying immediately and without question anyway. You seal your mouth back against hers and stick your tongue inside, causing her whole body to jerk in surprise as you are still filling her with your semen.

"Aaaaa..." She moans out, keeping her mouth in the exact position she had it in before both during and after the kiss. The comical sight is almost enough to take you out of the moment even in the middle of your second orgasm, but you are too stubborn to stop.

"That's fine, close it." You tell her, something else she complies with. You can see tears beginning to form in her eyes, most likely due to how overwhelming the entire experience in all this is for her. You continue to grind against her pelvis while filling her already overloaded womb with even more of your stuff. She was considered pregnant before because of the guaranteed pregnancy cheat, but now you are certain her egg is actually fertilized due to the fluids pushing the already present semen on forward into her womb. Meanwhile, Billy's moans become increasingly urgent and uncomfortable.

Eventually, your second orgasm dies down, but you never stop grinding inside her and pushing every erogenous zone in her young body. This has her squirming in every way, almost as though she is trying to get away from what you are doing to her. "How are you feeling?" You ask her. Billy's heavy breathing and confused mind renders her unable to respond for a long time after you ask the question though, and she seems to have an increasingly urgent look on her face the entire time.

"I need to pee!" She finally shouts out desperately between heavy breaths. You are not sure if she really needs to pee, there is a small chance of it being true, but the more likely scenario is that she is about to actually cum and she is mistaking that for an urgent need to pee.

"That's fine, you're on a toilet." You tell her. She doesn't seem entirely convinced, and you are sure you know why. "It's Ok to pee on me, I'm about to pee my stuff in you again anyway." You realize you never explained what semen was to her, and it would take too long and ruin the mood in this situation. As such, you decided to place her under the impression it was pee. It works out anyway, she is more likely to let loose if she thinks you have been peeing inside her this entire time.

Billy lets out a whimper, and as you feel a warm fluid hitting your pubic hair right where the root of your penis joins your pelvis you realize she genuinely WAS peeing on you. The shock of this actually winds up pushing you over the edge into your third orgasm. This seems to set off some kind of chain reaction as this also finally triggers Billy's orgasm as well. "Ahh... Oh no! EEEEEE!" She screaches loudly as her entire body tenses up and clasps down on your spasming cock, meanwhile the force of her urine hitting your pelvis increases in strength. You have to lift up her head and support her body as she goes into violent spasms as her young body is overtaken by her first ever orgasm. Eventually, she goes limp in your arms as you are still only a little more than half way through your third ejaculation. You are on the eight pulse of semen out of the twelve to fifteen you have been averaging per ejaculation since you upgraded your reproductive functions to max, not counting the final tapering pulses at the end. It is a very odd sensation staring down at the limp heavy-breathing but clearly unconscious body of your little lover as you are still forcing a few more furious blasts of semen inside of her, but there really is something about it that just seems beautiful.

Eventually, you taper off and your third massive orgasm of only the past few minutes finally dies down. Overall, it was actually something that could be considered a "quickie" by most people's standards, but you had ejaculated three times in this time. Ultimately, it was the time it took to get Billy to reach her orgasm that took up most of the time, and that was really not excessively long either.

At any rate, the plan was to get her cleaned up after you relieved your balls inside her again. However, with her laying limp like this, it will be a lot harder to clean her like this.

Alexander "Xander" Cole
Life Hacks Xander.png
Ethnicity: Scandinavian / Anglo-Saxon
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Build: Athletic
Measurements: 36/30/35
Penis: 4 inches - cut
Eyes: gray
Hair: blond
Physical: 200
Mental: 200
Social: 200
Appearance: 200
Health: 100%
Energy: 67%
Focus: 32%
Stress: 60%
Arousal: 97%
Life Hacks
Life Controller Modules: Lifie Mod
Nerdy cloths, smartwatch, pocket protector
Other Items
Life Controller Duck, assorted pencils and pens, smartphone, wallet, learner's permit, $35 US Currency
Active Perks:
  • rp-sld (sensory)
  • age pass Lv.1 (age 5+, sensory)
  • PDA pass (sensory)
  • Exposure pass (sensory + shared)
  • Forgiving (neighborhood)
  • Rape Fantasyland (neighborhood)
  • Sexual non-compete (town, mediium)
  • Perfect Fit Cock
  • Above the law
  • No male refractory period
  • Infinite semen
  • Invalidate birth control (whole city)
  • Guaranteed pregnancy (male version)
  • Reduce age of puberty 10 yrs (neighborhood)
  • Masterful (sex) (Alexander Cole)
  • Oblivious (sex) (neighborhood)
  • False knowledge (child sex) (neighborhood)
  • Incest pass
  • Instant approval
  • Vindictive approval
  • Cuckland
Page Tally:

Xander Fuck Billy X3 (75) Younger X1.5 Fucked unconscious X2

  • (75 X 1.5 X 2 = 225)

General Fucked (5) Pedophilia (20)

  • (20,353 + 250 = 20,603)
20/8 vision, improved night vision, skilled in almost everything
Gender confused girl 8 years old
Life Hacks Billie.png


  • Unconscious
  • Hard core X1
  • Extreme X1
  • Abuse (3) X2
  • Still leaking your semen
  • Womb is completely full of your semen
  • Semen overflowing falopian tubes
  • Pregnant with your child (just conceived)

Charity Cole
Twin Sister 15 years old
Life Hacks Charity.png

Notes: .

  • Moderate = X3
  • Hard Core = X2
  • Extreme = X3
  • Abuse (2) = X3
  • Abuse (3) = X2
  • Still leaking your semen
  • Pregnant with your child (just conceived)

Unknown 7-9 year old girl
(Recent) rape victim
Life Hacks park girl rape.png


  • Max fertility
  • Abuse (3) X1
  • Still leaking your semen
  • Pregnant with your child (effectively)

Unknown rape victim's mother
Unknown rape victim's age reduced 4 year old mother
Life Hacks 4 year old mother.png


  • Max fertility

Billie's dad 28 years old
Life Hacks Hank.png

Notes: '

Patricia "Trish" Wells
Acquaintance 33 years old
Life Hacks Patricia.png

Notes: '

Charity Cole
Twin Sister 15 years old
Life Hacks Charity.png

Notes: .

  • Moderate = X3
  • Hard Core = X2
  • Extreme = X3
  • Abuse (2) = X3
  • Abuse (3) = X2
  • Pregnant with your child (just conceived)

Veronica "Roni" Cole
Sister 8 years old
Life Hacks Roni.png

Notes: Precocious puberty

  • Moderate X1
  • Extreme = X2
  • Abuse (2) = X1

Ingrid "Inga" Cole
Mother 37 years old
Life Hacks Ingrid.png

Notes: '

Brittany Cole
Sister 19 years old
Life Hacks Brittany.png

Notes: '

Sebastian "Bastian" Cole
Brother 12 years old
Life Hacks Bastian.png

Notes: '

Angelica "Angel" Cole
Sister 10 years old
Life Hacks Angel.png

Notes: '

Richard "Rich" Cole
Father 38 years old
Life Hacks Richard.png

Notes: '

Shauna Lovett
Father's GF 25 years old
Life Hacks Shauna.png

Notes: '

Rahne Lovett
Half-sister 10 years old
Life Hacks Rahne.png

Notes: '

Mackinsey "Kizzie" Lovett
Half-sister 2 years old
Life Hacks Kizzie.png

Notes: '

Loki (Player:Loki)
Benefactor ???? years old
Life Hacks Loki.png

Notes: '