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  • Earth has a World Government.
    • There are three main factions in the government, the Anti-Male Conglomeration, the Male Conservation Corporation, and the Male Liberation Front
      • Anti-Male Conglomeration. They were formed a while back from smaller groups that all didn't like the idea of males returning. Though the general idea is that males should just be humanely killed, there are some who want to brutally murder any they come across and thus hunt Taylor like crazy, and there are other who don't think males should be killed, but just sterilized.
      • Male Conservation Corporation. These people are fairly militant and are organized like a company. They want males for very selfish reasons. They want to turn them into sperm factories and use them to increase their power and money by controlling all the male sperm in the world and then selling it at huge prices. Thus, they want Taylor to further their own gains. Director Shaw is a high-ranking member.
      • Male Liberation Front. These people are the "good guys." They want to make males a normal part of society again. Some people, however, want that at any cost...
  • Humans have colonized Mars and worlds on nearby stars.
  • There are only female and alpha (futanari) genders in the human race with the main character being the only exception.
    • Alphas have either XQ or QQ sex determining chromosomes.


  • Humans have fusion power.
  • Humans have warp drive.
  • Humans have smart-garment technology that allows clothing and armor to adjust itself to fit the wearer.
  • Humans have Plasma Weapons.
  • Humans have Stun Batons.
  • Humans make use of bio-metric safeties on some weapons that only allow specific individuals to us them.
  • Human have fully realized 3 dimensional holographic technology that makes it appear that you are in the location being displayed; but without any tactile interactivity.


  • Humans can cure nearly every disease.
  • Humans can bio-print organs and limbs, making prosthetic organs and limbs and transplanted organs and limbs obsolete.
  • Humans have developed aphrodisiac pills that allow alphas and males to have multiple orgasms (Necessary to facilitate breeding) and also causes penises to self-lubricate, like vaginas.
  • Humans have removed all deleterious traits from the human genome, all but eliminating the possibility of birth defects, even from incest. Birth defects are still possibly through natural mutation; but are exceedingly rare.

The Xar'eth

  • The remaining xar'eth are slaves of the humans.
  • Xar'eth are very attractive to humans as aliens go.
  • Xar'eth are all hermaphrodites.
  • Xar'eth can use their head-tails to administer an electric shock.
  • Xar'eth are used as combat slaves.
  • Xar'eth are used as sex slaves.


Main Character

  • Name: Taylor Newman
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 10 years old
  • Penis: 5" when erect. Uncircumcised.
  • Notes:
    • Doesn't have a problem wearing girl's clothing, but gets no thrill from it either.
    • Is combat trained.
    • Calls his mother and father "mommy" and "daddy".
    • Likes females and alphas equally.

Main Character's Mom

  • Name: Gita Newman
  • Gender: Female
  • Notes:
    • Has a very high IQ.
    • Is a competent hacker.
    • Rescued Taylor when he was an infant.

Main Character's Dad

  • Name: Arleaen Newman
  • Gender: Alpha
  • Notes:
    • Ex-special Forces in the Space Marines
    • Rescued Taylor when he was an infant.
    • Lost her arm which was replaced by a bio-printed replacement.

Director Shaw

  • Name: ? Shaw
  • Gender: ?
  • Hair: Jet Black
  • Eyes: Cinnamon Brown
  • Skin: Chocolate Brown
  • Notes:
    • Director of the project to raise and use Taylor

Lilna Shaw

  • Name: Lilna Shaw
  • Age: 6 years old.
  • Notes:
    • Daughter of Director Shaw.
    • Has precocious puberty from being on hormone treatments since birth.