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While I am starting this story, I cannot be counted on to work on it very regularly. Depending on the contributions of others, I may write on it more or less often. If you choose to contribute, feel free to add to the lore and backstory as we go, but do not contradict any lore that has already been written. --Elerneron (talk)

Please add to it as you expand the lore; but do not add anything that has not been established in the story. If no one has written about it, it is fair game.

The Xar'eth Invasion


When humanity first encountered the xar'eth there was a world-wide panic. While these aliens were beautiful by human standards, the sudden, crushing realization by the human-centric masses that they were not alone in the universe caused widespread fear and confusion. The xar'eth soon convinced the human leadership that their interest in Earth was purely altruistic. Unfortunately, this was far from the truth.

The xar'eth gave much to the world. They cured every major disease. They provided the technology for fusion power, and its unlimited clean energy. They provided the technology for warp drive and thus opened the stars to humanity. They assisted in ending the eternal conflicts that ravaged the planet. War became a thing of the past. They assisted mankind in forming a true world government. Unfortunately the other things they did were not nearly as apparent.

With each passing year, fewer and fewer males were born to humanity. It was a gradual change, and thus went unnoticed for a very long time. Perhaps if humanity had noticed sooner they could have stopped the genocide of an entire gender . . . but once it was realized, it was too late. The damage was done. The xar'eth had introduced a flaw into the y chromosome that caused it to break down in-utero. Male humanity was no more.

With the living males on borrowed time, so too was the existence of humanity. Scientific research strove to undo the damage; but humanity's medical knowledge was not up to the task. A united Earth sought vengeance . . . and they achieved it. In the most savage war in recorded history the xar'eth were decimated despite their advanced technology. The rage of humanity consumed them. Once crushed, the few that remain were enslaved. Thus ended the ancient Xar'eth Empire.

A dying race, humanity strove for a solution. It came in the form of the creation of an alternate female gender. The Alpha Fem, later shortened to alpha, was a hermaphroditic gender created in the laboratory . . . and the salvation of the human race. The gender's ovotestes were internal, and thus had greatly reduced sperm count. Birth rates were not nearly at the level that they had been at when there were males; and certain reproductive rights such as abortions were significantly restricted. Birth control became nearly non-existent. With a solution found, most of the research into bringing back males of the species was abandoned . . . most of the research.

Over three hundred years have passed. Humanity has spread throughout the nearby stars of the galaxy, making settlements on alien worlds. Mars has been fully terraformed and colonized. One Earth-based private research facility has continued to work on re-creating a male human. Ten years ago they succeeded. You were that boy. They tried to keep things quiet, but rumors spread. A powerful anti-male part of the government took steps to eliminate you and the research that created you. The facility and scientists involved were annihilated; but not before you were smuggled out of the area. Raised in secret, and appearing in public only when absolutely necessary (in the guise of a girl, of course) you have finally made it to a relatively early sexual maturity. But there is one more issue . . .


You wake and and yawn; anticipating another boring days of lessons and physical training. You notice your morning erection. It's been going on for a while now, and you are perfectly aware of the physical reasons for your "morning wood". In point of fact, you are aware of pretty much everything sexuality has to offer. It isn't surprising you suppose; after all, it is your duty to bring back the male gender to humanity.

You slip out of your unicorn-print nightgown and pink panties and step into the sonic shower. It takes only a few seconds for all debris to shake loose from your body. You step out of your shower and go through your wardrobe for a nice dress. From what you can gather, your wardrobe has always been the girliest clothing available . . . to hide the fact that you are male. You've never worn anything else, but that doesn't stop you from wondering what it would feel like to wear pants.

No sooner are you dressed than there is a knock at your door. Your mother comes into the room without waiting for you to respond. She is the reason you're still alive. She was the volunteer that donated her egg to the project that spawned you, and carried you to term. She and your "father", the alpha that provided the sperm that was altered to produce you, fought their way out of the complex, saving all of you. Your father lost her arm in the process, but it was simple enough for a replacement to be bio-printed. She has a scar where the replacement was attached, and occasionally complains of stiffness and pain; but you know from your lessons that it is most likely psychological.

Something seems off about your mom. She has a worried look on her face that creates instant concern in you. She quickly moves to your dresser, and pulls out your suitcase. It is always packed and ready to go, but you've never had to use it.

"Mommy," you say, "what's going on? Have they found us?"

"There isn't time, Taylor," she responds. "They'll discover that the video feed has been tampered with at any moment. Hurry up now, sweetheart. Your father is waiting. We have to get out of here."

"But . . . what's going on?" you say, as the fear rises in your stomach.

"There's no time for me to go into detail, sweety," she says. "The simplest way to tell you is that they believe that the best way to bring back males is to lock you in a room, harvest your sperm, separate the sperm with y chromosomes, and use them to impregnate as many women as they can. You would be a virtual slave, and never know a woman's touch. I am not about to let them do that to my son. Lets go!"

She starts dragging you from your room.

What do you do?

Taylor Newman Equipment:
Health 100% Pink Panties (equipped), Kneesocks (equipped), Pretty Pink Dress (equipped), Pink Running Shoes (equipped).
Fatigue 0%
Arousal 25%
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