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Rare Element found on a primitive world.

The extremely rare element, sthedrius has been located in the core of a planet near the middle of the third arm of the galactic spiral, locally called the "Orion Arm". The planet, locally called "Earth" (which is also the local word for soil), lies approximately 17.2 thousand parsecs from galactic center. It orbits the star 14a.3fc.ac6.ff0.66e.12b known to the locals as "Sol", or simply the sun. The natives, who call themselves "hu-man", have yet to discover the element, but have theorized the possibility of its existence. They have given sthedrius the place-holder name of "unbihexium" until such time as it is discovered by an individual; at which time by local custom the individual discovering the element will give it a more permanent local name.

As you may know, sthedrius is one of the rarest forms of matter to exist in a stable form in the universe. It is highly useful in stabilizing the creation of warp-bubbles for space flight, as a catalyst in the preparation of light-weight, high strength synthetic shielding, and the creation of high-energy weaponry, just to name a few of it's many uses.

Under Article 1a35, Section 4c3 of galactic law, implemented through the passage of the Anti-Invasion Act of 74a6, planets with an intelligent population are unavailable for settlement; so it seems that the most valuable element in the universe is just going to sit idle in the planet's core until such time as the hu-mans have advanced in technology enough to attain first contact status, or they somehow discover the element themselves.

- Vrj'Grsh Blthor, Galactic News Sydicate.

The Galactic Council (Profile)

"Councilor Bhar," said the Grand Hierarch of the Galactic Council, "you have the floor."

"Thank you, Grand Hierarch," he said, rising onto his eight tentacles, "my fellow councilors it has come to my attention that several races in the galaxy have discovered a loop-hole in Article 1a35, Section 4c3 of the Galactic Charter. It seems that our predecessors weren't quite thorough enough in forbidding planetary invasion. While almost everything was covered, invasion by interbreeding with the populace was omitted due to the lack of interspecies breeding solutions at that time. Due to this oversight, the planet Earth is in immediate peril of invasion by interbreeding by a number races in our galactic federation."

"You have proof of this, I assume," snarled Councilor Ker'Hesh.

"I have provided documented proof of plans to breed Earth into the governmental influence of over a dozen species in our federation. This oversight must be rectified if we are to protect the primitive Earth hu-mans from exploitation."

"What these races are doing is not illegal in-and-of itself," countered Councilor Ker'Hesh, "as long as they have no more than five individuals on the planet, and maintain the Earth beings' ignorance of superior life in the universe, I see no harm in what they are doing."

"I can understand why you would see it that way, my esteemed councilor," said Councilor Bhar, pausing for effect, "especially considering that your race is one of those attempting to exploit the hu-mans. I also object to the term 'superior' life. These hu-mans fulfill the requirements for sentience, and are therefore equal in the eyes of the law."

"Why you slime-eating -" began Councilor Ker'Hesh.

"ENOUGH," shouted the Grand Hierarch, "we will take the matter under deliberation. Deliberation will be scheduled for . . . 3b4.a14.6f8. I only regret that the process of deliberation may be too lengthy to forestall the invasion of Earth. Perhaps we can stop this from ever happening again, however."

"Most unfortunate," said Councilor Bhar.

"Display the list of races involved in this invasion on the monitor Councilor Bhar."

"Yes, Grand Hierarch."

Invading Species:

  • Grelis (Profile): (0 Page(s)) A child-like, playful race with a representative monarchy. They want the sthedrius because . . . doesn't everyone?
  • Markovik (Profile): (1 Page(s)) A selfish, hedonistic parasitic race with a totalitarian empire. They want the sthedrius so that no one else can have its power.
  • Varselavesh (Profile): (2 Page(s)) An industrious amphibious race with a technocratic meritocracy. Interested in the sthedrius to continue their scientific pursuits.
  • Winterkin (Profile): (3 Page(s)) An telepathic, telekinetic, bipedial, canine race with a true democracy (or a functional anarchy, depending on who you ask). Interested in the sthedrius to further their species influence in the Galactic Federation. They are actually more interested in adding a second planet (and its seven billion inhabitants) to their single-planet government for the extra seats it would entail in the Galactic Council.
  • Chromarans (Profile): (1 Page(s)) An exclusively male, shapeshifter race with an absolutist theocratic monarchy. They want the sthedrius to foray their way into temporal technogoly.
  • Yokai (Profile): (0 Page(s)) A secretive second sentient inhabitant of earth, originally colonists from a species currently in the galactic council. The off-planet species actually does not want the sthedrius, they want the political sovereignty of the planet that is a home to one of their old colonies preserved. Meanwhile, the on-planet descendants of the colonists see it as already belonging to them and wish to defend it.

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