Hot Summer Job

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Your name is Riley, 17 years old and living with your family in a suburban part of town. You're a pretty typical highschooler and managed to get off for summer break earlier than any other school district.

Your mother, Susan, is 36 years young as she likes to say, with long dark brown hair that seems to always be tied up in a top knot, huge breasts, thighs, ass, you know exactly why your dad married her.

Your father, Dan, is 42 years old, with short black hair that is beginning to thin, from pictures you've seen he used to be a total hunk of a man till around the time that the kids showed up.

Your sister, Bree, is 10 years old, with short light brown hair, flat breasts, small bubble butt, thin legs. She is the cutest and most innocent little thing.

With the summer now here you have decided to do odd jobs around the neighborhood to earn money, mowing lawns, cleaning pools, babysitting, whatever you can do to make a buck.

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