Grand Harem

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In the multiverse there is an infinite number of worlds for the infinite number of possibilities and a such there are an infinite number of the same person throughout the multiverse... Except for you. You are the anomaly born in the space between universes. You are the only one born this way and there is only one of you. This weird form of creation also imbues you with some rather extra-ordinary, god-like powers. With those powers you have created an empty pocket dimension and made it into an amazing place. It is one giant harem but it is missing something... Oh yes concubines. Now it is time to go through the multiverse, gather your new concubines, and train them to love you in many ways. One other thing to remember is different characters respond differently to how you train them. Some might become utterly crushed and empty through rough training measures while some might enjoy it greatly. Contrarily some might become nice and obedient through gentle measures while others may show no signs of effect. Also different concubines react in different manners to different stimulants.

(If you wish to contribute as an author or simply an idea/character you would like to see added to the Harem tell me on my talk page.)