Good Son

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Please before editing read the rules Good Son/ Rules

You are part of a rich family living in a big house. You are 14 year old Tim and the oldest son of the family. You live together with:

Marcus: age 31, your father. He is a handsome businessman with short black hair.

Good Son/Marcus Character sheet

Veronica: age 29 your mother. She has short black hair, a set of nice big breasts and a nicely shaped ass.

Good_Son/Veronica Character sheet

Laura: age 16, your older sister. She has long red hair, medium sized boobs and an ass to die for.

Good_Son/Laura Character sheet

Siri: age 12, your younger sister. She has short black hair and a petite body.

Good_Son/Siri Character sheet

Ron: age 10, he is your younger brother. He looks quite feminine with his small petite body and his long black hair.

Good_Son/Ron Character sheet

James: age 47, your grandfather. Very muscular bald guy.

Good_Son/James Character sheet

Heather: age 48, your grandmother. Long grey hair, but still fit looking with big boobs and a big plump ass.

Good_Son/Heather Character sheet

Stacy: age 27, your aunt. bbw with long black hair.

Good_Son/Stacy Character sheet

You wake up in your room early in the morning. You still got some time before school starts. You decide to masturbate before going to school Who do you think about?

Good_Son/A famous porn actor with a big dick

Good_Son/A famous porn actress

Good_Son/A three-way with a beautiful whore and a hot guy with big dick

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