Golden Magical Academy

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Description and character list forthcoming.

I noticed that there weren't any stories with this general focus here, and I felt called to try to start one. Updates for this probably aren't going to be frequent whatsoever, but I figure that I'm more likely to write more later if I post the base page for the CYOA.

The planned structure is for each character's scenes and their options are split by number, then letter, starting with 1, which would then branch to 1A, 1B, 1C, etc. After all of those, the routes would rejoin at 2. This structure is to keep the paths from branching everywhere and never meeting back up.

The intended focus is non-consensual loli watersports (and to a lesser extent scat). The secondary focus is a general lack of consequences for the playable characters. The overall setting is (as the name might suggest) going to involve magic (and hopefully creative ways to perversify that magic).

At some point, I may open this up so that other people can add their own characters / pages. Everything here is too rough for that now, though.