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Now that the Intro has had one rout reach its end, it is now possible for others to contribute. For the purposes of contributing to this story, this is actually meant more as a central concept open for anyone to contribute to. All the mechanics are laid out in the introduction, and then chapter 1 is actually meant to be a bank of separate stories that use the same basic concept and share a few characters from one story to another, each story representing a different set of choices the MC could have made.

If you wish to contribute to the introduction, that is now legal. However, you must ask permission of the story's creator, Jemini, before doing so and explain what you are thinking of doing. If you wish to start your own story, there are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Rules for contributing chapters after the introduction

1. Mention you are interested in contributing (receiving a response is not necessary) to Jemini, and keep your story in agreement with the lore of the world.

(read the lore page here)

2. Try and keep character personalities similar from one story to the next. If necessary, discuss with other writers about how the characters are supposed to be portrayed.

3. Heavily consult the original author, Jemini, if you want to create a route where the MC goes back home and interacts with his family. Character profiles for the MC's family have not been created yet, and I do not yet have any ideas for how they should be. However, it could lead to a fair amount of chaos if someone just randomly starts throwing in things about the family members that are extreme and hard to work around.

The MC's family are definitely going to be a major factor in most versions of the story, and most people will probably write routes that interact with them at some point. As such, it is important to think of something for them that will not shut down options for other writers.

4. Ask for and receive permission from the creator of a leg of the story if you wish to contribute to any leg of the story other than your own witch you started from the chapter 1 start page. The story's original creator User:Jemini and the site's main active admin User:Elerneron are exceptions to this rule if it is for the express purpose of correcting a violation of this or one of the above rules.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, when writing in categories, double categorize your story. Every chapter and variation of the story is still under the "God's Compensation" category, and all legs of the story need to contain "God's Compensation" in its category tags. However, your chapter or version of the story also needs to contain a second category tag for your own sub-section.

In other words, this format, (with square [ example ] brackets instead of round ( example ) brackets.)

((Category:God's Compensation)) ((Category:God's Compensation/Chapter X;"Chapter Name"))

The "Chapter X" and "God's Compensation" in the second category tag are both optional and can be completely omitted, and the "Chapter Name" field can be omitted in favor of the other two (with both of the other two being used) with permission and an additional letter or symbol added after the "X." (ask for clarification if these instructions are unclear.)

Other Considerations

In addition to these the above rules witch must absolutely be adhered to, there are some other matters that you should also be aware of if you wish to contribute to the story. That is, areas of the story that still remain vague or unspecified witch are going to need to be clarified as the story goes on. You can help in clearing these things up by taking your own creative license, but do consult User talk:Jemini at minimum about anything involving these points.

1. The main character's name, background, and personality. For now, he has been left without a name, and all we know about him is that he is a male university student who lives in a dorm (not specified whether it is a male dorm or a co-ed dorm,) and both his parents are alive. There is also some implication they are still together, but that can be worked around or altered if need be.

2. The protagonist's family. As mentioned in the rules above, there are presently no ideas on the drawing-board for what should be going on with the protagonist's family other than the fact that he has two living parents. You may suggest anything you like in the interest of flushing out these characters as well as any siblings or extended family you want to talk about.

3. The protagonist's former friends and relationships. This is also an area left without detail. Like with the family, you can suggest what you like, but you also still need to consult the original author Jemini in order to keep everyone on the same page.

4. Campus staff and city officials. Any person who is occupying a position for witch there can only be one of in case another author might also wish to write a character in that same position should be done only after consulting the original author Jemini. This includes university campus staff, city officials (with the possible inclusion of police officers,) and could even include people who happen to have a job at a store. Other gods and 6D beings are only included in this if they are a named god from real-world mythology, a god tasked with control over a certain element or region of the earth, or a servant of one of those two stations who is tasked with watching over the protagonist specifically or the region where he lives in general.

5. People in town, other towns, or 6D beings who are unrelated to the protagonist's former life and do not have a job central to the character's movement through the world may be created without consultation, but you should create a character profile for them in case another author decides they want to use them. Consult the character's creator any time you wish to utilize them on your route through the story.