God's Compensation

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Acknowledgements and forward

This is my adaptation of a story started by another author on the site. When I saw this story, I loved the concept. However, I did not like how it was implemented and the editing that would need to be done to make it a story I was comfortable with contributing to would go well beyond overstepping the bounds of the editing permissions. It would require a complete overhaul of the story.

If you would like to see the original inspiration for this story, it was written by ExistenceCreator. You can see his version of the story here (Skill Gone Wrong)

So, now that the acknowledgements are out of the way, time to get to the actual story. Scroll down for the introduction to start the story, or click the link below for the lore page witch is currently a work in progress.

Other contributions are currently not being accepted, but upon the completion of the introduction chapter others may start contributing to the story. As the introduction is nearly reaching the transition to the 1st chapter on one route, a write-up of the rules for contributing will also be prepared for those wishing to pitch in in the future.

If you are ready to get started on the story, you can simply scroll down for the introduction or you may skip straight to chapter 1.


Well, this has been a very strange morning. You were walking from the dorms to your English 301 class as you would usually be this time of day, taking the usual short-cut between the Gym and the student advisement building. It is not a route many people frequent, they say it is the kind of ally someone could get mugged in. Of course, that is ridiculous. This is a university, not some inner-city gang territory. You have never felt you were at risk of personal harm taking this route, although you have on occasion caught some of the co-eds getting a little raunchy between periods in the blind corner. Seriously, what's wrong with them? Don't they have their dorm rooms for that?

At any rate, today when you took this usual short-cut, right as you were coming across said blind corner, you saw something you had never seen before. You have seen freshmen girls on their knees with line-backers from the foot-ball team gang-banging her in every hole before in this spot, but what you are witnessing today is something that none of the strange things you have seen before could have possibly prepared you for. It is a sight so strange that all you are able to do is stop and stair. It looks to be some kind of sphere, a dark purple sphere with swirling black clouds moving about its surface. It hovers about a good 6 inches off the ground, and you swear it seems to be pulsing as though it has a heartbeat, growing larger for a beat and then rebounding back to its original size over and over again.

You are simply stunned by the sight. On the one hand, this is such a bazaar sight, and you are overcome with a sense of morbid curiosity that demands you learn more about it. On the other hand, it looks dangerous, and every fiber of your self-preservation demands that you run. In the end, the two seem to nullify one another and all you can do is remain frozen in place about 10 feet away from this strange sight.

After what was likely three seconds of staring at this thing, it begins to throw off what looks like electrical arcs out towards the surrounding walls. It is as though it saw you and your presence made it mad, it is just starting to go crazy. You can smell the ozone in the air as the arcs of electricity make all the hairs on your back stand up on end. There is no doubt about it, this is definitely dangerous. You have got to get out of here, but you are afraid to do even that as one step to the left or right and you will be shot with a bolt of electricity. Suddenly, the black clouds from the sphere seem to reach out like a giant hand. You turn to run, but before you get even a single step away the dark clouds grab you and drag you to the ground. Everything around you seems to be swirling in dark purple. You feel as though you are falling, the sensation of gravity leaving you is enough to make it feel as though you are about to throw up. And the sound, it is as though there is a dull buzzing from all around you, and then, it just stops...

You look around, you are on your knees in the same ally. Not a thing has changed. A cool breeze begins to blow across your neck and you start to hear the voices of your fellow students chatting in the distance as they each make their own ways to their lectures. What the hell was that just now?

It was a hallucination.

It was real