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This story is about a fallen deity trying to develop the perfect host body through careful eugenic manipulation of the people in a high fantasy world. There are guidelines and lore for writing for this story. Be sure to be up to date on the reference materials before contributing.

The Story

The gods are dead. You have all been dead for generations. It was sad when it happened; the mortals had simply had too much, and decided to overthrow you. It was laughable at first, but then they came to realize that all of the power of the gods came from faith. Belief was key to your existence, and disbelief was your death knell.

Actually, I don't suppose you are well and truly dead . . . not yet. Belief has dwindled greatly, but there are still a few individuals out there that still produce a bit of faith. Enough at least to hold on, and maybe just enough to do one last thing. You have just enough power to possess a family line for about ten generations. In ten generations, you might be able to breed enough power into a vessel to re-assume your divinity . . . and this time maybe with some fallback power other than faith. You definitely aren't going to keep all your eggs in one basket this time around.

Now is the time, you can put your spirit into one vessel . . . then into one of the children you produce with that vessel, and so on for about 10 generations. The choice of the first vessel is the most important. You send your senses out across all the realms, searching for that first chosen one.

Who is your chosen?

The Garian Orclands

  • The Outcast Orc: Gru'Thrak (Character Sheet): Orc, Male, 10 years old (13 human equivalent), a young orc cast out on his own. 0 Page(s)

Kingdom of Garia

Contributor's Guidelines and Lore

The following pages contain the requirements for writing for this story, as well as the lore that is to be used in the story. This is the canon . . . non-canon contributions will not be accepted. If you want me to expand the canon, message me on my Talk Page.