Free Flirt Pass

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The Beginning

the Main Character gets a free flirt Pass. Which gives him a get out of jail fee with anyone he wants to flirt with, if that flirting leads to more, then that is fine too. The MC gives it to someone, they acknowledge the receipt of the pass and gives it back and the MC now has a get out of jail fee for any actions he or she does with that person. There are no negative reactions to their actions as long as they were the result of flirting. The limiting factor is it has to be flirting. the MC can't just give someone the card and then start making out with them and try and have sex with them, the flirting has to build up to that. Feel free to write your own stories within this universe either using the MC from Hall Pass, or with your own MC who gets a similar pass. The Current MC is named Justin and he is a Middle School principal, thus the name Hall Pass. If you wish to use Justin, please do not do anything with his immediate family, his sisters family or his neighbors family as I have plans for them all others are free for you to play with at your leisure, within this story concept.