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My first ever self-motivated attempt at any form of fan-fiction. I have recently discovered Fate/Kalied, the spin off of the popular Fate/Stay Night series. It is a fascinating and flushed out universe that simply had too much in terms of possibility not to feel like it was something that belonged here. I have no story concepts at present, but though I might come up with something as I write up world history and character bios.

What exists so far is that this will play off the fact that Fate/Kaleid uses a many worlds interpretation of the universe. This story will take place in 3 separate but very similar universes, similar in that the character bios and world history that will be provided will be true for all 3 worlds. Also, of the cannon "Fate" series universes, they will be most similar to that of Fate/Kaleid's 1st 3 seasons. I 100% realize that some of the things I will be writing in the character bios (especially in regard to the Einzbern family) are not how things are in the main series. Rather, it is something I see as more interesting to work with. Most changes will be based either on simplifying the complicated world of the "Fate" multiverse, where as some will simply be what I think is the most interesting.

What will differ between the 3 universes is how far the characters are willing to go in terms of what sexual acts they will and will not do. In one universe, they will not do anything that is not shown on screen in the series this is based on. Although this is referred to as "non-erotic," the base series actually does go a few rather sensual and sexually suggestive directions, and some of the kissing gets rather hot and heavy where one character in particular is concerned. In the second universe, characters are willing to go pretty far, but they will not actually cross the line of having sex with one another all that easily. It will be highly discouraged for sex scenes to be included in this route if at all. Much like how the "non-erotic" version can have some pretty hot and heavy kissing under the right circumstances though, the "soft-core" version can have a few hard-core scenes so long as they are the exception and not the rule. Finally, in the last universe, the one most readers and writers are likely here for, characters will be a lot more sexually loose with one another and you can justify an orgy under almost any circumstances. (Including in the middle of the classroom with the teacher watching if you include the standard comedic insanity that is a staple for the series.)

So then, witch world do you choose?