Family Ties

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You are part of a 6 member family. For the most part every one gets along and loves each other, though some more then others. After all, as the old saying goes: The family that plays together stays together.

Your whole family is getting ready for the vacation scheduled for a tomorrow start. All of you will be climbing into the family RV and heading up to the lake for an extended weekend. Stacy has been feeling neglected and is hoping this getaway will give her and Steve a chance to reconnect and get her some action. The twins have been looking forward to this for months and the only thing Heather and Jacob have in common is neither of them really wanting to go.

It's a pleasant Thursday evening in spring; everyone has finished eating dinner and is in the process of getting up from the table, kissing mom and thanking her for another wonderful meal. Which member of this family would you like play?

You are male:




You are Female:




Due to the size of Family Ties I have decided to expand the starting characters to people involved in the story but not related to the family directly.