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Author's Note: I wanted to do something simple as my more complex stories/games are too difficult with the workload I've taken on in other areas. This story is set in the universe of the Fairly Oddparents cartoon. You play as Timmy Turner. I've set this up with the simplest template possible to keep track of wishes. I may be willing to write some scenes on request in a similar manner as Jemini.

To make a request, edit the page and put the following code after your requested option '''(Request)''' --~~~~. There is no need to sign this as the signature is part of that code. I won't promise a prompt fulfillment of requests however.

Good Morning

Who is here?

FOPTA Timmy Turner.pngFOPTA Wanda.pngFOPTA Cosmo.pngFOPTA Poof.png

You wake up to the ring of your alarm clock, and quickly turn it off. You glance at your goldfish as they magically rise out of their bowl and transform into their true fairy forms.

"Good morning, sport," says Wanda. "Ready for another weekend of wishes and fun?"

"I had fun once," says Cosmo, "but then I got marrrriieed!"

Wanda makes a cast iron skillet appear out of nowhere and promptly smacks Cosmo in the face.

"Ouch!" says Cosmo, his face disfigured from the impact. "I mean, I love you honey."

"You bet," you say, jumping out of bed. You suddenly notice that something seems to be wrong with your wiener. It's all stiff and is pushing your pajamas into a tent shape. "What the . . . why's my wiener so weird? Have I been sleep wishing again?"

"Oh my," says Wanda, blushing a bit. "No Timmy, that's perfectly natural."

Cosmo is in a corner with a jar of honey. "Don't worry, honey. What Wanda doesn't know won't hurt her. I should have married you."

"Why is it doing that then?"

"Well, sport," says Wanda, "I'm not sure I should tell you. It's adult stuff. Maybe you should ask your parents?"

". . . or I could just wish that I knew. I wish I knew all about adult stuff about my wiener!"

"That has to be against Da Rules," says Wanda as a large book with 'Da Rules' printed on it appears and opens. "Let's see, things your godchildren can't wish to know: How to destroy the universe, How to get more muscles than Jorgen VonStrangle, How to kill a fairy . . . Well, it's not here, so I guess it's okay." She raises her wand and it glows brightly. "One fairy sex ed class coming right up!"

Your head is suddenly filled with all sexual knowledge. It's a bit overwhelming at first, but then settles down.

"Neat!" you exclaim, "and kinda gross. Adults do some really weird stuff. Hmmm . . . so according to my new sex knowledge, I can get rid of my boner by having sex or jerking off . . . what to do?"

Jerk off

Have sex

Maybe sex as a girl would be a better start?