Everlasting Affairs

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Created on 11/18/16, Last major edit on 2/5/17

The Dual Kingdom of Erotopia has been ruled by opposing monarchs for centuries, but the recent rulers have been… different, to say the least. They split the country in half because they couldn’t come to a census on ways to rule, but the civilians could still go in and out as they please.

The Cestria Royal Family controls The Kingdom of Western Erotopia, or West Eros. The monarchy is made up of Queen Magdelne and her two daughters: Genevieve and Penelope. They live in a society free of many laws or guidance. Free sexuality is encouraged by most, but not too many would appreciate it if you started railing a girl in the middle of the street.

In East Eros, the other side of the kingdom, life is more... strict. Not only is The Fontaine Royal Family not completely pureblooded, but the queen is like a (sex) god to the people. The way her dresses cling on to her body makes the complaints practically disappear, and if, for some reason, it doesn't, she can easily take things into her own hands.

You're A Traveling Adventurer who has heard rumors of Erotopia, a land of barely-human creatures, taboo sex drives, and inhuman powers. Now that you're finally face to face with the kingdom gates, a single question lurks in the air. Which side do you enter?

Personal Game Inventory:
Health 100% Time Day 1, Morning Sword, Pendant
Lust 10% Gold 0
Status Fine Quest None
Other None Location Erotopia Gates