Escape your chastity belt

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I'm Axel and I'm 13 years old I like to masturbate. I do it 3 times per day. The first time when I wake, when I get back from school and just before I sleep. I discovered masturbation 1 year ago and doing it feels so good that I can't stop from playing with myself It does not help that if I do not touch myself I become horny and my dick stays hard all the time, I also think about all thoses things that excites me making me unable to concentrate. I have not yet reach puberty and I'm small for my age, still hairless and my dick is 1.5 inch when flaccid and 3.5 inch when hard.

But, Today it was different from the other days I woke up:

With a spike chastity belt.

With a Normal chastity belt.

With a special chastity belt that let erection possible.