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Author's Note: After seeing this as a method for seeking requests, I've decided to put this on EOTW for the time being. I would really like to take requests as being given particular directions for which options to focus on will help to...well...focus! In order to make a request, edit the relevant page and, at the end of the particular option, post '''(Request)''' --~~~~. There is no need to sign this as the signature is part of that code. I will get onto any requests as quickly as I can; they will most likely take priority over other paths.

If anyone would be interested in writing for this story, particularly if you would be interested in taking another character's POV, drop me a message on my talk page and we will get that sorted. Jackmaster (talk)

Additional Note: Elerneron I am aware this is copied from your story Life Hacks (check it out by the way, it's got off to a great start!), so I understand if you want me to take this down (just message me on my talk page if you do)

This is an interactive adaptation of the original story posted at The End of the World as We Know It. Feel free to edit pages within the story, particularly if you wish to take the point of view of another character; however, please check before editing (particularly if it's related to backstory).

The nature of the world within this story has led to increased hormones within early and pre-pubescent characters, resulting in a gradually increasing sexual appetite, as well as some other unusual gifts (that is all that will be said to avoid spoilers. Read up on the Current World Information page for more information).

Current information about the world, as well as world/non-character-specific backstory will be posted at the following links:

Warning: Both pages, as well as the Character Bio and Character Backstory pages will contain spoilers if read before or out of place of the main story.

Note: The "chapters" in this story are not linear, they are for continuing the story after certain major events. Therefore, you may you find that you jump from Chapter 2 to Chapter 6. That does not mean you have missed out on any mainline story, it simply means the continuation after that particularly event is labelled as Chapter 6. The story will always start on Chapter 1, no matter which character you choose to follow.


It’s the end of the world as we know it! They were the last words anyone remembers hearing before the ‘accident’. Following it, the world was never the same again. The world before? Perfectly normal...mostly. For a few weeks before the event that changed the world, there had been a slight rise in hormone levels amongst children. This wasn't, however, the normal growth, or even puberty, hormones that one would expect; far differently, a new hormone had begun to emerge. The study of this became the number-one priority in the scientific world. It was only a couple of weeks later, however, that the explosion happened - the explosion that destroyed the world!

So, choose which of the survivors you wish to follow and begin exploring: