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Disciplinary Action — Editing Rules

This is the first interactive story I try to write, and I really want it to be interactive, so people can participate in several ways:


If you want to vote for a certain path to be explored, simply add a note with '''(Request)''' --~~~~ after the option you want explored. If someone has already voted for it, don’t doubt to also add your name, the more votes, the more I’ll be compelled to follow that path.

You are also encourage to propose new options to explore, just like with voting, just write the new option and sign it with '''(Request)''' --~~~~. (Please only propose options that you really want to see written, not just to achieve completeness.)


If on the other hand you want to have a more “hands on” approach, you can always write your own passages for any open option (or create your own). The only limit for this is if someone has marked an option as '''(Claimed)''' --~~~~, in which case you should respect that for up to six months.

If you do want to write for the story, make sure to at least read the punishment guidelines, since that is the standard by what the legality of actions will be measured. This means that both school officials, parents and authorities won’t rise alarm as long as the punishments are for “the betterment of the students”.

I've created some CSS formatting for this story, so if you want to write your own page and want it to look as the rest of the story, you need to add a little. Here's a basic template you can use (or simply copy from a previous page in the story):

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I do hope you enjoy and participate in this story, I look forward to see where it goes once it achieves live of it’s own.