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Author's note This is an early draft version of the text that is going to be used in the game currently in development, "Daycare Manager." (See daycare manager reloaded thread on main site.)

Due to the lack of ability for the writers to write in a flow-chart manner naturally, the format allowed by this site will help tremendously until the game's engine can be set up by Hollow. Until then, readers can get a sneak peek into what we are working on.

Please note that route-completion requests will not be accepted. We will be working on that at our own pace based on what we've decided between us is needed and we are ready for at this stage of the game's development. We will, however, be interested to see any feedback you may wish to give in the discussion sections. If you would like to try joining the project as an author, please direct your requests to Hollow who is the project's lead.

After months of trudging through a forest of red tape, being subjected to numerous background checks, and going through all the other formalities, you have finally managed to get yourself a license as the manager of your own daycare.

Well, it's really not very much of a daycare right now. Really, you just bought a bunch of kid's entertainment items and used them to convert your living-room over into the main room of a daycare. It's not much for now, you don't even have any employees here. It's just you. Really, it's more like you are a glorified babysitter with a license from the state, but if you do a good job you may be able to expand and one day you will be running a real daycare.

For now though, you need to start attracting customers.

Insert pre-game settings menu.