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The rules for contributing to the Codex of Law are fairly simple.

  1. One author per Volume of the Codex unless the original Volume Author gives permission.
  2. Second Person perspective is banned in all Volumes. Third Person the preferred viewpoint but First Person is also acceptable.
  3. The Volumes of the Codex are limited in their power. Respect these limits in your story.
  4. Naming conventions for the stories are as follows, Each new page name must begin with your chosen Volume number, Each Volume must have its own subcategory (i.e. [[Category:Codex/Volume 1]]) Further subcategories and organization are at the discretion of the Volume Author.
  5. Requests for content may be placed in the options of the appropriate Volume page provided that they are less than one sentence long and are signed with --~~~~. Longer requests must be placed in the page's discussion tab. Such requests must still be signed with --~~~~.